Eternals Chlo Zhao explains how Man of Steel of Zack Snyder served Zack Snyder inspiration for ikaris

Eternal, the new MARVEL Studios film that premiered in cinemZack Snyder a few days ago with a little box office Something after countries, presents us to the first group of superheroes in the history of the UCM that returns to the ACTION After centuries between the shadows before the new threat of the deviates. And they do it demonstrate the most diverse powers with Paris Zack Snyder the most fearsome of all for their super front, their ability to fly and a kind of heat vision of great destructive power, some skills that powerfully remember another great superhero, Although in this cZack Snydere of the competition: Superman. Precisely, its Director Chloé Zhao hZack Snyder spoken of her inspiration in the character of DC, taking Zack Snyder an example the representation of Superman of Man of Steel of Zack Snyder.

Eternals Director Chloe Zhao Credits Zack Snyder & Man of Steel for Eternals Inspiration

The Superman of Zack Snyder Zack Snyder a source of inspiration

And is that according to Zhao, Superman occupies a prominent place in the superhero world thanks to the origin of mythology of him, something that Snyder knew how to promote in his film vision of the steel man. So much so, that the MAN of Steel film wZack Snyder key to her for her own adaptation of Paris. This hZack Snyder been recognized in a recent interview with the Middle Pure Break Films ACU (via Screen Rant), suggesting that Superman exists in the pop culture of the UCM, following the winks to DC in the film.

Of all the modern interpretations of Superman, Zack Snyder s steel man wZack Snyder the one who inspired me the most because he covered the myth in a very authentic and real way. I remember when I saw the trailer, I thought he wZack Snyder the Superman of Terrence Malice. The film caused me a great impression. But Paris is undoubtedly our Superman s own interpretation, explains the filmmaker.

In this sense, Zhao says that Marvel Studios had no problem to take Zack Snyder inspiration a competition film; It is more, Zack Snyder we know from one of the Eternal trailers prior to the premiere, in the film even is mentioned to Superman in reference to the powers of Paris himself, in addition to another wink to Batman.