Forza Horizon 5 treasure chests location of the treasure chest in New Heights

Fora Horizon 5 treasure boxes are one of the seasonal hunts they receive when the game moves between spring, summer, autumn and winter. These treasure chests are part of the treasure hunt challenge, which is reset each week as part of Fora Horizon 5 Series 1 — Welcome to Mexico.

In these challenges you have to complete an event and then find the treasure box in a section marked on the map. While this may sound just, but the brown color of the chest and the fact that she fits into the environment can make the hunt much more difficult than first expected, especially in densely populated urban areas.

However, you do not have to worry about getting around in a small area, as we have found the Fora Horizon 5 treasure boxes for the New Heights challenge of this week as part of the Summer Season of Series 1.

Fora horizon 5 treasure chests

Fora Horizon 5 treasure boxes can be found if you face the treasure search challenge every season. These treasure chairs are in a red area that appears on the map.

As soon as you are in the area, drive around until you discover the chest and drive to you to collect you.

Location of the Fora Horizon 5 New Heights treasure chest

The location for this week Fora Horizon 5 treasure chest for the New Heights Challenge, located in the southwest Mexico, directly above the airport.

Look inside the red circle after the crop structure in the western part of the circle, and you will find the treasure chest on the north side of it.

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After driving through the treasure chest, you will receive 50,000 credits and 3 points for your progress in season and series 1.

Forza Horizon 5 How to Complete Treasure Hunt New Heights & Find Treasure Chest | Mulege Danger Sign
This covers the Fora Horizon 5 treasure boxes for the week. Look every week after the latest locations of treasure chests. Further, tips where you can find collectibles in the game can be found in our guide to the locations of barns and where you can drive through all XP boards and almost Travel Boards.