Update New MMO from Gamigo will be presented soon

With an audiobook series amigo a new MMO teas ton. Now the second chapter is released.

Update on 12/11/2021: Publisher amigo another chapter has released the audiobook for the upcoming but as yet unknown MMO. After great sacrifices were made in the first part, raises whether it was worth it and there is still an escape from the demons. Further details on the game, there are no still, but our guess is that it could be a title with a dark scenario, gets to the second chapter of the audiobook more food.

Original release dated 09/11/2021: The Hamburg-based game operators amigo preparing to launch a new MMO before. Although the publisher enveloped still unobtrusively into silence, but for a few days will perk indicated on various social media channels and oracle. What s behind the title Uncertain Folder is still unclear, but should the tweets published in recent days on Twitter, the company that allows a conclusion to the game, you will probably be able to, the story to a say in some degree.

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In addition, the game seems, so it suggests at least the artwork to be much darker than anything else, what the publisher else has on offer. This includes the unusual marketing campaign. Instead of a teaser trailer or screenshots so far nothing has amigo released from the game itself, but the whole bidding alongside some artworks with the first part of an exciting story in audio form.

New details will amigo publish in small bites, that whenever a new own objective (likes, shares, comments) was reached on social media.

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