Ash of Pok mon celebrates the anniversary of the first film

Twenty-two years have passed since the first Pokémon the film came to theaters in North America, becoming the largest anime film in the West and facing Ash Ketchup and Pikachu against the cloned force of nature known as mew two and the original voice Of the young protagonist, Veronica Taylor, he shared his thoughts to celebrate the movie. Anniversary. Having interpreted the role of Ash for almost ten years with the English dubbing of the Pokémon anime, Taylor has definitely won the place of her within the history of the franchise when presenting innumerable fanatics to the series over the years.

Pokemon: Ash Petrified
Pokémon: The first film landed for the first time in the United States in 1999, providing the amazing amount of 172 million dollars around the world throughout its time in theaters. Although it did not become anime number one of all long-term times, with Studio Ghibli Techs disappear taking the crown, followed by Demon Slayer: Eugen Train, is definitely the most successful film of the Pokémon franchise. Recently, the film was refined using computer generated animation with the film, Pokemon: Mew two counterattack evolution, which told history step by step but with a new modern style given to procedures.

Veronica Taylor reflected on the first film of the Pokémon franchise during his twenty-second anniversary, noting how grateful he is about the long-term series fans and how the film herself could create a series of connections when facing Ash Ketchup against a Giant psychic clan:

Recently, Taylor was news earlier this year when she offered her services for the next live action movie. Pokémon series, which was reported that it was an early development for the transmission service. While we doubt that the platform has Taylor playing Ash Ketchup in a live action world, we could imagine that the study would be looking for many Easter eggs to include fanatics who have been following the franchise that has generated innumerable videos. Games, Anime movies, Episodes of television and more.

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