Resident Evil 2 remake sells better than the original with five million copies

Many players are in the mandates of Mr. X — and that shows when it comes to the sale of the Resident Evil 2 Redo.

Following today s announcement of the Evil 3 Remake, Cap com confirmed in a press release this re2 sold more than five million copies in the world since its release. This exceeds the sales of the original re3: Nemesis, which has sold 4.96 million copies since its beginnings on the first PlayStation platform in January 1998.

It is a huge feat, and it shows the persistence of the horror of survival of the beginning of this year. It is also auspicious for Resident Evil 3, which arrives in April with the online multiplayer game Resistance to the project Description in the package.

This helps Resident Evil 2 has seen both the solid critics and a strong word of mouth from the players. The game currently holds a 93% score on Metacritic for Xbox One; and a score of 91 percent for PlayStation 4.

If you have not discovered what is easily one the best games this year, you still have time. It is currently on sale on the two Xbox Live and PlayStation Store market, going for $19.79 for the standard edition and $23.09 for the Deluxe edition, which comes with The Bonus Costumes for Leon and Claire.

Congratulations to Cap com for obtaining this impressive sales record. Hoping that Resident Evil 3 follows the movement in a few months, and more remakes come next. We are curious to see what Code Veronica looks like this new engine.

Resident Evil 2 Remake vs Original | Direct Comparison

Resident Evil 2 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.