New World will receive new weapons mounts and group search Great data leakage

Dampers detainees…

Developers hate them, but the player loves, because thanks to such people we can very early — even a few months by the actual announcement — find out about the attractions that are waiting for our beloved game.

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It is no different for New World, where a group of hackers has done to hidden files from a test server. Believe or not, but it really is to wait.

Full list (with partial photos) here.

New World will receive Dungeon Mutations, i.e. a function reminiscent of Mythic + from World of Warcraft.

The creators work on the system for different levels of difficulty in dungeons. It looks a bit like Mythic + in World of Warcraft. In dungeons there are up to 10 levels. There are also different rank, such as gold and silver, and you must complete one level of the silver rank to unlock the next. For more fun, 16 mutations are available (such as Affairs in World of Warcraft) that change mechanics in dungeons.

We also have six new Dungeons (Isabella s Lair, Eridanus Caverns, Unholy Depths, The Nenad, Frozen Passage, Barnacles and Black Powder), Spectator Mode (mainly for PVP) and the GROUP FINDER — a group search engine, thanks to which we can find in a simple way A team for expedition.

What else? A new region aimed at players with a maximum level of experience, new achievements, new decorations, new outfits, new emotions, new systems, new charging screens, new activities for the open world and Horse equipment, which would mean that Amazon knead under pressure Fans and puts on the game.

Expect also new weapons:

Club (1-handed):
Great club (2-handed):
Celestial Gauntlets:

New World datamine leak, CRAFTING XP NERF INCOMING, get 200 NOW or regret it later

It is not known whether all these revelations will go to the game, it is not known when it happens, but you admit that it will be a Fukuoka step forward for New World.