Fortnite Offline Server Downtime for Update 18 40 Today Start of Naruto

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Fortnite goes down: Epic Games announces maintenance work at the Battle Royale Shooter for today. As part of the downtime, the developers publish the update 18.40 The patch is available for download during the morning. A timetable for maintenance is already available. As EPIC says, among other things, on Reddit, the downtime starts at 10 o clock German time. Logins and game contributions are then no longer possible.


The matchmaking system already switches off the developers half an hour earlier. At 9:30 pm, you will grow in the last game before the Fortnite-Downtime. How long the Battle-Royale shooter remains offline is not out of the information. As a rule, the downtimes are completed at Fortnite at noon. In the late morning, the servers are therefore likely to return and let Fortnite play again. Then it is also possible to expect the publication of the patch notes.

Much info is available in the run-up to the Fortnite (Buy Now €33.94) Updates 18.40 not. It seems to be stuck that in addition to the new Creative Accolades Device today the Naruto collaboration goes to the start. In addition to new skins, players may probably look forward to the thrill blade explosive Lunar from the anime. Concrete details on Naruto content should be published together with the patch notes. Even before the release, players have located a new Fortnite icon on PlayStation, as ifiremonkey reports on Twitter.

From David Martin

16.11.2021 at 08:24