C mo destruir The Last Stand Aftermath Turrets

Are you wondering how to destroy? The Last Stand: Consequences Turns? If you have been killed by these mortal devices too many times, we have the solution you need!

How the turrets work in the last stand: consequences

The Last Stand: Consequences The turrets work very similar to what you would expect: they automatically point to everything that is perceived as hostile and shoot them. On the positive side, this means that they will shoot the zombies. On the negative side, this means that they will also shoot you.

The turrets will automatically scan an area until they find something to shoot. Once they have been fixed, they will open fire. You truth, I do not want to be your goal; You can survive two or three shots at most (and even the first shot can be lethal if your health is low enough). Your unique real options are to avoid them or destroy them completely.

How to destroy The Last Stand: Consequences Turks

As with most things in life, you can solve your turret problem with high power explosives. A well-pointed pomegranate or a shot of an M79, M32 or RPG will instantly destroy the turret as long as you approach enough.

The Last Stand Aftermath - Zombie Apocalypse Scavenging Roguelite RPG
Grenades are not your only option, but you can also shoot them with any of your weapons. However, it can be a challenge to point to the turrets placed on top of the poles; It may be better to avoid entering covered areas with those if you can avoid it.

Can you slip beyond the turrets in The Last Stand: Consequences?

I have performed enough tests on this front. It looks like you can script yourself The last stand: Consequences turrets, but your only guarantee is if you stay out of your line of direct vision. If a turret has an elevated ground on you, you may notice you.

I tried (and I failed) just leave behind the turrets; You may be lucky, but you should consider this as a last resort. I also tried (and failed) distract Turrets with Chem lights; They seem to ignore them completely. Of course, the turrets can only shoot one thing at a time; Your best option to pass a turret can be when there are other things around to shoot (i.e. zombies).

I must point out that there is a note in the game called «HRC-T10» that suggests that an infrared beacon will protect you from The last stand: consequences turrets. Unfortunately, I still have to discover a device like this in the game, either as a booty or as a preparation recipe. It can be simply history text and nothing more.

Ultimately, the only infallible way to neutralize the turrets is destroying them. If you are not sure that you can delete them, it is better to leave that area and do not risk losing all your career due to a lucky shot from a turret.

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