Operation warlord update delivery to add new mode and map to PC version INSURGENCY Sandstorm

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Insurgency: Sandstorm - Console Release Date Reveal Trailer

Focus Home Interactive has delivered the Operation warlord update that adds new mode and map to the NEW WORLD INTERACTIVE Development Tactical FPS INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM PC version.

In the update, add new map GAP adjacent to luxurious hotels and slums. In addition, Ambush that compact VIP escort and elimination as a new match game mode will be playable. The new map GAP is a map designed to optimize to Ambush mode, but you can also select other modes such as cooperation and match.

In addition, new weapons P90 Vector and weapon attachment Point Shooting Grip and skins for character customization also appeared. Various skins are available at the same time and update is started simultaneously.

Insurgency: Sandstorm update Operation warlord is currently distributed for PC. Console version is also delivered later. In STEAM, the game main story is 50% off special promotions until November 23rd.