The Cowboy Bebop series already has ratings

Squid Video Game (Hangul: 오징어 게임; RR: Jingle Game), or the game of squid in Quebec, is a remarkable television series of South Oriental survival of 9 episodes, created by Hwang Dong-Hyek and also program globally September 17, 2021, on Netflix.
Featuring Lee Jungle, Park Hanson as well as Jung Houston, this series tells the tale of a team of individuals, highly indebted or perhaps messed up, who risk their lives in a mysterious survival video game with as a benefit. A huge sum,
First South Oriental series to win at the top 10 of the streaming platform, this program contrasted to Hunger Gaming or Royale Fight took movie critics like the public by surprise. According to Deadline, she also controlled, in the space of 10 days, the top 10 of the platform in 90 countries.
On October 12, 2021, Netflix reveals that the series make up the best start-up ever before seen on its system, with a total amount of 111 million views in 27 days, therefore surpassing the American series The Bridgetown Chronicle and also its 82 million sights in one month,
On November 9, 2021, director Hwang Dong-Hyek officially announces a period 2.

COWBOY BEBOP Season One Review (2021) Netflix

The LIVE ACTION series of COWBOY BEBOP will finally be available in a matter of days. In this way, the first reviews of this adaptation have already begun to circulate on the Internet and, It seems that one more time, the final product is not pretty good.

In Rotten Tomatoes, The Live Action Series by Cowboy Bebop has a 41% rating, this after 34 reviews by various media. Usually, this production is not as bad as others. Mainly, it is talked about the action as the great success of this adaptation, but that was not much there is much to praise.

This was what Vulture said about it:

As the season progresses (…) Cowboy Bebop becomes an unbalanced mixture of successful innovations and tedious experiments.

Collider was not so friendly:

A soulless remake of a series of historical anime, which constantly draws attention to the original while changing enough to eliminate the impact of what is trying to emulate.

Espinoza said that:

There are good and varied visual ideas, but execution is never up to its intentions.

In general, It seems that we are facing another adaptation of medium quality. This series has a good visual section, and the actions are recognized by several media. However, the rest of the project could not run as many expected.

The Live Action series of Cowboy Bebop will arrive at Netflix on November 19. On related topics, here you can see the trailer of this series. Similarly, here are the most recent posters of adaptation.

Editor s note:

COWBOY BEBOP is a super important anime for the medium, and no adaptation could be up to this work. While it seems that we are not talking about a failure of the level of Dragon Ball Evolution or the movie Live Action of Death Note, Netflix did not manage to do a job that I managed to live up to the legacy of Cowboy Bebop.