Lost Ark and the Release 2022 Does the Closed Beta affect

Not only did we enjoy our fun in the closed beta of Lost Ark, but also many other players (which, for example, a look at the Facebook group Lost Ark German Community ) reveals. Still optimize the localization and turn off one or the other bug and then from us can come from the launch. But do this also see the responsible persons from the Amazon Games Studio?

Amazon Confirms Lost Ark Release Window

Exactly those have recently reported on the official website to thank and confirm all the testers: the release of Lost Ark continues to be planned for spring 2022. Already in the course of the test you could eliminate bugs and finish the server architecture. Wool the feedback of the player views, capture the reported errors and forward all the insights into developer Delegate.

Then it goes to finely margin Lost Ark for the launch. In the meantime, there should continue to give regular updates with which the publisher of the Western version of Lost Ark wants to keep us up to date on the current state of development.

The original mail from Amazon

Here you will find the completeness half the entire post from Amazon:

The closed beta of Lost Ark is over; The last demon was killed, the last chaos and Abyss dungeons conquered. Carefully decorated fortresses are empty, a few Moscow seeds remain undetected, and the horizon of the sea is free of Masts without heroes sailing to explore new countries. Armenia waits for the return of his heroes in the spring of 2022. But what was the closed beta for a week! We would like to thank all heroes who have dared to Armenia, Listening to the lands of demons and helped us to eliminate bugs and finish our server architecture. We would like to thank the great authors of the content, which show on their journey in Lost Ark, which Armenia has everything to offer.

Our teams will spend the coming weeks to read the invaluable feedback in our forums, to capture mistakes and share our insights with Delegate RPG to launch Lost Ark at the beginning of 2022. We look forward to lending the last fine cut for the launch, and will keep you up to date in the meantime. If you have not read it yet, you can inform yourself in our November update on one of our priorities: to bring Lost Ark to other countries in the world.

Lost Ark 2021 First Impressions

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