Pokemon Unite new appearance Juniper is a super range skill I can beat Thunder from the other side of the wall

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Pokémon Unite Juniper appeared from November 19, 2021. Attacker-based Pokémon, which is good at remote attack, is originally attracting attention to the popularity.

How is the ability of Juniper? In this article, we will check performance and skills.

◆ Basics of Juniper

Juniper is with a type of Pokémon with a strong attack. After attacking three times, the attack will be a reinforcement attack as soon as the attack will continue, and the attack power will be up. It can be said that it is a type similar to Gabriel.

Evolution is a bit late at level 7 and level 8 to remember the skill, although level 5 & Level 7 and earlier. It is not bad to remember to unite technique at level 9.

Status is close to Gecko, There is an attack power, but the durability is low. As it is a long distance attack type Pokémon, it will be quite painful to be close to the other party.

◆ Junipers skills

Junipers skill set 1 strengthens his normal attack Half cutter and the opponent who has been approaching. Leaf Storm.

At this stage, this technique set 1 is getting stronger. Because it is a type of Pokémon that fights in a normal attack A part of which is a mandatory.

The skill set 2 is the accumulation technique Bishop and the moving speed and defense Lusaka. This is a long time waiting for techniques and is quite difficult to use. Among them, adjustments will be entered.

The current situation is one skill set, but it is likely to be a standard.

◆ Unite technique has hope!

Unite techniques Sagittarianshashi also has a characteristic that the remaining HP of the other party Pokémon is low, and it also has a characteristic that the remaining HP of the opponent is low.

If you use this well, it is possible to aim for the sander far from the other side of the wall. However, it is necessary to be able to protect the ally because it is not possible to move during the unite technique, so the power is because it is there too.

◆ Central is impossible or lower lane?

Juniper is slow to remember the technique without a move technique, so it seems to be no longer the right of the central area. In the current environment, a long distance attack is attacked with a lower lane and will play a role in aiming for a rigging turtle or Thunder with a Unite technique.

Unfortunately, Leaf Storm and Kaiser are quite weak at this time, and it may be revised upward with future updates. At that time, maybe it will be a sparkling Pokémon?