Valorant receives his new agent applies corrections to competitive mode and more on the patch 3 10

The Update 3.10 of Valorant arrives slightly late, but with several arrangements to the title that will benefit their performance and stability. In addition, players can enjoy the new agent in all game modes, including competitive in groups of 5, which is re-enabled without ranges restriction.

CHAMBER has a teleport er and an enemy detector Well dressed and well armed, the French Arms Designer Chamber repels aggressors with a deadly accuracy, says the official biography of the new agent, CHAMBER. He takes advantage of him the personalized arsenal of him to keep enemies at bay and eliminate them from afar, he always has the perfect contingency for each plan.


With teleworkers and a trap that detects enemies, Chamber will be an agent with good control over the map. However, the brute force of Him will not be affected by this, because you can invoke a sniper rifle that eliminates any adversary to which it impacts directly.

New ESP ORS features were also implemented In addition to Chamber, the new update eliminated all restriction when playing on 5 teams in competitive games. Regardless of your range, you can play with your stagnant friend, but for balance reasons, Riot Games implemented some special rules for these cases, such as a reduction in profit and loss of CR.

You will also notice some new functions focused on ESPORTS, such as interfaces and skills of different color for attackers and advocates when you enter as a spectator. In addition, there will be a yellow delineate in the minimal player icons, which will serve to show the player who is being observed at that time by the viewer.

They are quite the changes that come to Valorant, so if you want all the details, it will be best to consult the notes of version 3.10 yourself. Remember that Valorant and other Riot Games titles arrived at Epic Games Store, in case you do not have the title installed, and you already enjoy this playing platform on PC.