Fortnite Tresore How to Open the Five Secret Rooms Full Treasures

Where do you find the key cards for opening the five safes in Fortnite?

(Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnites vaults are now a thing in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 — and No, we do not mean the vault in which objects of a past era are deposited. These new vaults are located at five specific places on the map in Fortnite, and you can get sweet prey, including gold weapons and XP coins. Here you can find out how to get into all Fortnite vaults.

What are Fortnite vaults?

Fortnites vaults are essentially closed rooms on the new map where there are a number of high quality chests. You can not penetrate from the outside. To get access, you need to kill a certain miniboss and pick up the door key card. The question is where do you find the bosses, and where are the individual vaults? Here are all Fortnite vaults and how to kill the bosses.

The shark vault

In the first place is the shark in the northwestern corner of the map. This vault is in the basement and to get the key card, you must hunt Skye. After death, she drops the right key card. She wears a golden assault rifle and does not have much health, so it should be pretty easy to delude them.

If you killed them and have recorded their key card (and special weapon!), Go to the basement. When you equip the key card, a temporary icon will be displayed on your HUD. However, make sure that you have equipped a panel for a phone stood first. If you do not, there will be an automatic tower with 2,000 health down there, causing serious damage if you try to accept it.

Interact with the panel near the door and voilà! There is a lot of booty for you and a teleport station toilet, so you can get it out there.

The RIG vault

Down in the southwestern corner of the card is the Rig, a huge drilling island full of hand. Land here from the combat bus and Nina, the Miniboss shown in the trailer, is the one you need to kill. They normally patrol in the central area and is often seen outside on the upper deck. Nina is equipped with a unique Boom Bow, but here too she is not too bullish to kill her.

Take the key card and the vault is on the north side in one of the huge legs that support the entire rig. Inside is the treasure door. Wipe with the Rig Key card and the entire loot belongs to you. Then use the restroom to get away.

The gotten vault

The grotto is a difficult place because Handle anger can shoot them through the one main entrance when they fly down. As long as you come in and snatch a weapon, you should be fine. Use the telephone booth at the edge of the water to dress up and then go to the north side of the facility to find both the treasure door and Brutus, the agent chief for this area.

He has a Minigun and is surprisingly with that, so that fight can be hard. Make sure you clear the surrounding hand-hungry, and since Brutus is so bezel, he takes many hits. As soon as you finally have done him, you can grab both his powerful Minimum and the Grotto Key card. Open the treasure door near the spot where you killed him because of the sweet prey.

The yacht vault

The yacht is located in the northeastern corner and muscles, the beefy cat, is the one you need to hunt. He can only be found in the main room, with some handlers around him. So take them either first or come with a clad up close. If you have a shotgun, he should go down pretty fast.

When you kill muscles, you will receive its Pew Assault Rifle, a unique heavy assault rifle, and the yacht Key card to get access to the vault located down on the lower deck. Destroy either the tower or use a panel to get by and to bob your uncle, so much prey!

The agency vault

The agency is the massive building that Eye Land began in the middle of the map. Midas lives here, the guy who loves gold and need to kill to find the Agency Key card. Normally he patrols inside the building, often in one of the lower floors. Just make sure that no other hand can attack you while fighting it.

If you drop it, get Midas, Drum Gun, a special version of the weapon, which is currently curved in all other forms. As soon as you canceled the key card, go to the basement of the building to find the vault. Just take down the two towers or first look for a panel. A tip is to take out a tower and then jump to the control panel, since the other is disabled by opening the door. Inside you will find So a lot of prey, although this is the hardest vault to be achieved, so good luck!