LOL Arcane Will there be season 2 This is all that we know about it

Arcane has been able to catch the players of League of Legends as well as the public to become one of the great sensations of Netflix over the past few weeks. A launch that has been consumed too fast with nine chapters full of action that has approached us in the history of one of the most interesting locations of the Universe of RENATER and its characters. However, there is an obvious question after the arrival of the last episode block: Will there be seasoned 2?

The possibilities of a season 2 of Arcane

From the announcement of Arcane, Riot Games has not pronounced a possible renovation for a second season. However, (from here spoilers of the series), the directors have saved a few aces under the sleeve in the final chapter. The chapters of the series published until now we give us enough tools to understand the personalities of the characters involved and establish connections with the LORE, but it also leaves the plot opened for a continuation.

The questions that could be resolved in a possible season 2 of Arcane are very interesting. How ended by getting Echo a gem that allowed him to go back in time, what happens with the peace negotiations after the outcome of Sysco and the final scene starred by Jinx or what is the role that the Madeira and Nexus could play in a conflict that It seems practically inevitable. There are left threads than Riot Games and Netflix could throw to give continuity to this first series of the story of League of Legends.

To this circumstance must be added that Arcane has been a success both in relation to critique and in terms of spectators. Destroying the squid game from the top of the most views of Netflix during the premieres of their new chapters, it also accumulates very high notes in all aggregators. A positive reinforcement that assures us that there will be more series inspired by League of Legends and that we will probably have news very soon about the renovation to elaborate a season 2.

Arcane Season 2: Release Date And Everything We Know

It would be to resolve the unknown that arches angular would find continuity. Of course, we need to know what is the resolution of the events that take place in the last scene to determine the future of the members. It is moderately clear that Jayce will survive, since none of the League of Legends champions has been eliminated during the series and Riot Games has by habit to make their heroes survive.

However, the destination of Mel Madeira is not so clear. Although she has been rumored as a possible character of the video game that will appear in season 12 of League of Legends, the situation is not clear at all. Of course, Riot Games has been able to book a few plots at the end of the series that allow him to continue with her in the supposed season 2 that, to take place, should be announced soon.

What we should not wait in no case is that it arrive soon, Arcanes animation has been very complicated, and the series had to be delayed in the first instance, so that we would not bet too much for a launch in 2022, and maybe we have to wait for something Additional time until it finally arrives a year later. A date that may make the wait too long, but that it also leaves us time to establish new theories about its possible argument.