Back 4 Blood promises new game mode it will be versus Co

Bake 4 Blood hat betray whats up to the players — and thats a lot. Even the free updates sound promising.

When Back 4 Blood went to the start a few weeks ago, opinions were mixed. While many players like the further development of the Left 4 Dead, missing other certain game modes. Especially the versus co-surgical mode is missing.

Why do the players want versus-co-op ? Many old Left 4 Dead veterans long for a versus coop. This is quasi the usual campaign, but players play the special zombies. Here, a card is always played in turning against each other and which team has collected most progress at the end.

For many L4D veterans, the PVP campaign is quasi the true endgame and has kept the other zombie shooters fresh for years.

This mode is missing what the players continue to hold the developers.

Whether this mode will appear sometime during the coming year, remains to be seen. Maybe the part of one of the planned LCS — and the Roadmap fags the hope for some players.

Roadmap from Back 4 Blood — What else is there?

Rough back 4 Blood also released the roadmap for 2022 and the rest of 2021. The further in the future the innovations are, the coarser they were described only.

What was announced? Before a while, Back 4 Blood has shared the rough plan for the publication of new content in the current and coming year. Accordingly, there is not only the paid payment LCS with new campaigns, but also a whole range of free updates and innovations. Was announced:

November patch: The first big patch with bug fixes and balancing changes. The update is already live, in the last days new hotfixes were repulsed again and again.
December patch: The update in December should become much more extensive. So there is:
New features like new supply lines
An exercise place for the zombies
a special Christmas event
The chance to play the campaign also solo and offline — together campaign progress

A new card type
All new cards — with one of them it will probably be possible to expand weapons mods from weapons
Updates 2022: In 2022 it should give much more improvements and new changes for everyone. These fall:
A new level of difficulty
New cards for the players
New Corruption Cards
New co-surgical mode
Melee update
General improvements

Particularly interesting should be the new difficulty here. Many long for an intermediate between veteran and nightmare — whether they really come, but remains to be seen.

What is this for a co-surgical mode? The biggest question marks watches the co-surgical mode. Here, many hope that this is the beloved versus-co-op — then the mode would probably have been referred to as PVP mode. More likely, a Holdout mode seems to be in which the cleaner with limited resources must survive a certain time against the Ridden.

What it is ultimately, however, remains to be seen.

3 Story LCS bring many new contents

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In addition to the free updates for all players, there are also 3 payment LCS. Who bought one of the premium variants of the game, already contains the Season Pass.

The 3 LCS are to be released in 2022, although there are no exact appointments yet.

The first big DLC ​​carries the name Tunnels of Terror ( the tunnels of the horrors ) and has already attached a small screenshot at least. You can see a gloomy terrain reminiscent of a swamp — but probably a cave complex.

All 3 major LCS should bring about new campaign chapters but also further innovations, namely:

Additional Cleaner
New special zombies
A new activity type
New weapons
New cards
Exclusive skins

If you enjoy back 4 blood, you can soon look forward to new content and enhancements for the campaign. After more and more bugs and childrens teething is removed from the release version, there will soon be new and more accurate information on the upcoming content.

Are you looking forward to more content in back 4 Blood? Or is you waiting for a long-awaited versus-co-op mode?