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Final Fantasy VII Remake, in some cases abbreviated right into FF7 or FFI with the mention remake, is a computer game developed by Square Enix Business Department 1 and also edited by Square Enix. This is the remake of the Final Fantasy VII video game on PlayStation and also PC in 1997. After presenting a technical trial of the game to promote the power of the PlayStation 3 to the E3 2005, Square Enix shoots down often times any job. From remake, however ultimately introduces one on PlayStation 4 at the Electronic Amusement Expo 2015 on June 15, 2015, throughout the Seminar of the Sony Contractor. The video game is created in episodic style, and also the initial component appeared on April 10, 2020.
The tale happens in the metropolitan area Cyberpunk, Steampunk and also Dystopic of Midgard, players take control of the mercenary Cloud Strife while he and also an eco-terrorist team referred to as Avalanche oppose the Shira Electric Power Company, a powerful firm, which utilizes the essence of the life of the planet (Make) as a source of energy.

Emblematic Title The Final Fantasy Saga, FF VII offered a sumptuous remake, released last June on PS5 in an improved and enriched intergrade version. For the Black Friday Week, Amazon divides his fare with great blows of omnislash.

the good plan

We could modestly baptize FINAL FANTASY VII of the Japanese RPG paragon. This title released there is now almost 25 years on the PlayStation, first name, put a slap in the world of video game. With sumptuous 3D graphics, a rich and well-conducted story, and above all, a dose of obvious nostalgia, Final Fantasy VII remake immerses 25 years back, adding 4K and 60 fps. In this exclusive version at the last console of Sony, FFI REMAKE Intergrade takes the colossus that is FFI REMAKE and adds its technological key and an exclusive DLC to the PS5 version. We then embody our favorite Ninja, Toughie, who wins an episode adding more depth to his character.

All about FFI REMAKE Intergrade

For all those who wish (re) discover Midgard and lead the rebellion Avalanche FACE TO THE SH INRA, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE is the title we were waiting for all. For the happy owners of PS5, it would be a shame to miss this monument of the Japanese video game, in a version revised and corrected, but retaining its fantastic history and its exceptional music, all packed in sumptuous graphics at the height of What is expected in 2021.

On the occasion of the Black Friday, Amazon proposes to offer the title PS5 for the modest sum of €39.99. A more reasonable rate for one of the most important games in history, endowed with the DLC Intermission, putting Julie in the spotlight. For those who do not (yet) of PS5, the PS4 version is also available and enjoy a beautiful promotion, passing through €29,99. More apologies for not fighting the Shira and save the planet!

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