Battlefield 2042 These are the best weapons and specialists for the multiplayer

If you want to clean up the battlefield properly, but are overwhelmed by the open loadout design of Battlefield 2042, this guide can help you. We introduce you to the best combinations of specialists and weapons and which gadgets should take them best.

The best specialists

Sun Dance

Special Cars: Wing suit / Grenade Belt
Weapon Recommendation: PP-29
Throwing object: Environmental sensor
Gadget: Munitionskiste

The wing suit of Sun dance will fly to you unnoticed behind the opposing lines. Even if enemies discover you, you are so timely traveling that it will be difficult to get you from heaven. Since Sun dance promotes an aggressive game style, it selects the PP-29 as a primary weapon to clean up the field from behind.

The Grenade Belt of Sun dance allows you to waive grenades on the litter objects and instead select the environmental sensor. This is perfectly suited to increase the level faster. Every enemy recognized by the sensor generates experience for you. Furthermore, every shooting in the radius of the sensor is automatically as an assist.

If you select the ammunition box as a gadget, you waive healing, but can increase ammunition and much more important your ambient sensors.


Special skills: Hook gun / agile
Weapon Recommendation: CMG
Throwing object: Splitter grenade
Gadget: Sanitary box

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Mackay is along with sun dance of one of the mobile specialists. The gripper hook requires some degree of accuracy, but he is all the stronger if you eventually master it. With the ability agile you also move faster when aiming and on rope slides. Especially the CMG makes a good figure with Mackay. The high mobility of the specialist compensates for the subtle weapon.

Since you have enough ammunition with the LEG, you as a gadget chooses the medical box to heal you in balance situations.


Special skills: OVP reconnaissance drone / motion sensor
Weapon Recommendation: DXR-1
Throwing object: Smoke grenade
Gadget: Munitionskiste

If you prefer to look for a safe distance and give your team backing, Casper is the first choice with the sniper rifle. On the one hand, he has extremely useful special skills for himself and his team, on the other hand his Ghillie-Suit him in the right environment before enemies. Even if you should not rely too much on your camouflage, as your nameplate can tell you.

If you want to support your team, you can reveal enemies with your reconnaissance drone. The motion sensor informs you as soon as opponents are nearby so that you will not be surprised at the goals. Have your smoke grenades, you can quickly dissolve in air in this case and flank your opponents. Since sniper rifles do not have many projectiles in the magazine, you select the ammunition box as a gadget.


Special skills: S21 spray gun / combat surgery
Weapon Recommendation: PP-29
Throwing object: Splitter grenade
Gadget: Munitionskiste

With Flack you take the role as Support and supports your team energetically with healing and renovations. With the S21 spray gun, you can not only heal your comrades about certain distances, but also yourself. This makes Flack interesting especially for solo players inside. If her fallen colleague revives again, they also get full health immediately. Since her most part acts in melee, her selects the PP-29 as your primary weapon. As a gadget, the ammunition box recommends that you have enough healing with Flack.

The best weapons

SMG: PP-29

Activation: Level 18

The first place of the current Meta weapons goes to the PP-29. If you do not play as a sniper, hardly a way leads to this SMG. The low TT (Time-to-Kill) combined with moderate recoil and the ridiculously high range for an SMG make this weapon a beast. In addition, the random scattering with the PP-29 is low, which is why it offers an advantage even against assault guns.

Recommended attachments:

Storm rifle: M5A3

Activation: immediately available

The M5A3 is the typical all-rounder who must not be missing in any shooter. Do not you want to restrict you on a game style, you do well with this weapon. However, keep the scattering in the back of the storm guns. From certain distances, the fully automatic mode is expressed in imprecise.

Recommended attachments:


Activation: Available immediately

The advantages of LEG are obvious: one hand there is a huge magazine which could be attractive especially for less experienced shooters. Secondly, it is also easy to control thanks to its low recoil. Only in mobility must make it clear compromise.

Recommended attachments:

Statement on essays

Visor: These are of course a matter of taste. Decide for one with thin frames to as little field to block as possible. For the second slot, a sight for long distances is. The mouth Hybrid offers you two zoom levels that allow you to switch to the heat of battle quickly between them.

ammunition: For the melee, the standard magazine is. This increases the capacity, which can be a point of use just when holding. Combined with the muffler, the defense is much easier.

The high-powered magazine increases the effective range and lets your weapons thus remain dangerous in the longer distances. About the increased recoil you should do not worry. This is mostly moderate, so you only have to drag vertically down the stick.

Run silencer you can remain invisible even after dispensing of shots on the mini-map, which simplifies especially the flanking of opponents. The condensed course focuses purely turn to the time-to-kill rate and is suitable for a run-and-gun style of play. The extended duration increases the projectile velocity and thus the effective range of weapons.

underflow: On short distances is the light BCG handle. This increases your precision in movement. Cobra handle does exactly the opposite and straight increases precision in the state. The lower reaches therefore should you exactly to your style of play to adjust.

Sniper: SVK

Activation: Level 14

Do you like fast gameplay, but not still want to give up the sniper-existence, the SVK is a strong ally? With the right attachments opponents are done at any distance with only two shots. It also has a faster firing rate compared to the usual sniper rifles.

Recommended attachments:

Sniper: DXR-1

Activation: Level 24

A sniper rifle, logically, has little room to fiddle around and is clearly intended for long distances. You to kill opponents to 800 yards with one shot. It also has 95 shots on a high magazine capacity for a sniper rifle.

Recommended attachments:

multiplayer adjustments are expected to follow

Currently, dominate certain loadout combinations multiplayer, by various buffs and nerfs still a lot can change in the future but here. So it’s worth keeping an eye on future patch notes, to be always up-to-date.

Do you have a specific loadout that uses it or are you always prefer flexible?