Pub Mobile still does not touch the ceiling El Battle

How far will the success of PUBG: Mobile will come? The mobile adaptation of the acquaintance of Battle-Royale has managed to enter the market since its launch about four years ago, suing from then more than 7,000 million dollars in income. And do not make a mistake, much of your profits come from the last months, where average 8.1 million dollars a day.

According to data provided by the Sensor Tower Market Research firm, Grafton’s production so far this year takes 2,600 million dollars, being this last quarter the most profitable of all with 771 million dollars. In these figures, we clarify, it is also included Game for Peace performance, the personalized edition of the Action video game edited by Tencent in China.

Moreover, 57% of the world’s spending on Battle-Royale comes from China, about 4,000 million dollars. The United States remains in second position with 11.8% of total income, while Japan, with 4.2%, is the third most important market.

New State launch data

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Only honor of Kings has generated more money this year according to Sensor Tower, which also reports in final lines of the release of Pub: New State. The Battle-Royale of futuristic cut, has recently available in several countries and territories, has joined the week of premiere $2.6 million with the United States, Japan and Turkey as the main post-expenditure markets. The video game has been downloaded 28 million times, 30% of which come from India.

The Universe of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds will continue to expand soon with The Callisto Protocol, signed by one of the creators of Dead Space.