Registration for Noah s Heart has started New Sword Art inspired by Sword Art Online

NOAH'S HEART (UPDATE) 2021 Pre-Registration for Upcoming First Beta-Test.!!!
The pre-Christmas period promises to be better and better. On December 21, Noah’s Heart test starts — awaited Sword Art, which in a loose degree is based on Sword Art Online (it’s about the plot of games and some solutions in the gameplay). > The whole world of games is an artificially generated game to which we combine with a virtual reality device. Exactly like SAO. The official website of the game already works — including the possibility of recordings to tests. HTTPS: //noahshear.archosaur.com/ Interestingly, the registration has been divided into three categories: for all users, for people who run some social groups and for Conent-Creators with 10,000 or more observing / subscribers. So you can assume that the last group will have priority in receiving the invitation… Noah’s Heart will be available on PC and mobile devices.