Overall format snail shooting ADV Clid the Snail PC version Overseas December 15 released

Koch Media announced that the PC version of Weird Beluga Studio Development Shooting CLIP THE SNAIL will be released on December 15, Overseas Time, and announced the announcement trailer.

This game is a single-play work that will be expanded from the viewpoint of looking down to the domestic PS4.

The player has a troubled manufacturer and drunken man-type snail clip, with the world of the past human being, and elucidate the truth of the epidemic to be spread, and relief from the ruin of the world I will aim for.

The game content is not a battle of the battle, and the story that the character weaves. With a chattered firefly bell, a shaman turtle, a mouth-renewed bat, a ninja frog, a single-eye chameleon, such as a unique person. While chasing various stories such as banishment, friendship, betrayal, we will search for the world while puzzle and boss battle will wait while appalling resources and upgrading armed.

The PC version of Clip The Snail with a unique view of the world is scheduled to be released on December 15, Steam / Gog / Epic Games Store and Humble Store. In Steam where sales page is already available, it is currently expected to comply with Japanese language. Domestic PS4 version is being delivered for 1,980 yen.