Digital Sex Officer Distribution Prevention Technical Action Duty From 10th

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (officially in English: Ministry of Transport as well as Communications (MICE), in Conventional Chinese: 交通部; Pinyin: Ciao Tong BU) is just one of the divisions of the Exec Branch of the Government of the Republic of China ((EN), in charge of the areas of transport as well as interaction. Its features are extra specifically dispersed among 4 classifications: transportation, tourist, meteorology and interactions.

The technical management measures for preventing illegal photographic distribution of major Internet operators at home and abroad are implemented for 10 days.

The Broadcasting Communication Committee established a technical management measure of a technical management measure to prevent distribution such as illegal photographs, depending on the revision of the telecommunication business law.

The revised telecommunication business law for preventing digital sexuality distribution last year was enforced and the duties of technical management of illegal photographs were enabled. This is a year of grace for a year and is implemented on December 10th.

The notice is applied to companies such as SNS, community, internet personalized broadcasting and search portals as more than 100 million sales of sales or more than 100,000 conservators.

The Combination was to distribute various technical guidelines, including standard filtering technology installation guides, and standard filtering technology and public DNA DB for the support of the Internet operator’s technical management measures. In addition, performance evaluation of private business filtering technology has been conducted and has been supported by business responsibility and technical support.

The technical managing obligation to be imposed on the Internet operator is ▲ The use of the user’s declaration request function ▲ Search results of the illegal photographer The measures such as the identification and publication using the transmission resulting agent ▲ The action such as the illegal photographer may be taken, Dictionary guidance of what can be punished followed is the storage of logs.

Among them, ‘Identification and Phrase’ measures have been a global semiconductor feeder, and some targeted operators, such as servers, such as servers, such as servers, such as servers, etc. The period was operated by the key.

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Other technical control measures are implemented immediately from December 10 without a separate system.

The Commonwealth is planning to examine whether the target operators will be implemented by the implementation of a technical management measure to be implemented during a period of the period.

Han Sang Yuk said, We proposed to prevent damage caused by digital sexuality distribution through the implementation of technical and managed measures for illegal photography, and the victims have been established to be more quickly relieved.

Then, as the system that is the first to be implemented around the world, we have been able to verify the filtering technology in the actual service environment, and planned the stable operation and user inconvenience of the service.