Stardew Valley New Update brings improved modding

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Who Life Simulation Games loves, will not be passed by Star dew Valley. Who has not missed the game, and the Xbox Game Pass has, can also try the indie hit since December 2021 there?

This lovingly indie game is even today still supplies from solo developer Eric Barony with new updates. The latest update brings players Although no new content, but maintains important changes for molders ready.

mods for Star dew Valley

On 30 . November went Star dew Valley (buy now €34,99) 1.5.5 on the PC the owner of pixel art game live. The update brings a few Quality of Life changes into play and makes some bugs finished off. But the greatest pleasure may have molders in mind, because developers Eric Concerned Barony want to grab something to them under the arms and make their work easier.

The biggest change will be with 1.5.5 namely structural. The patch migrated Star dew Valley from XNA Framework to Monogamous, an open-source implementation of XNA 4. According to Barony, this restructuring will make the game more future-proof and molders to access more than 4 gigabytes of RAM enable.

Should players still prefer to remain in the previous version of the simulation game, the developer has also provided a solution for. For it must Star dew Valley are selected in the Steam Library with the right mouse button. Under the Properties option there is the betas tab. There must be the compatibility version will be selected.

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Better quality of life in Star dew Valley


For those who do not deal with modding and Star dew Valley rather enjoy his heartwarming original version, can also enjoy making the new patch. The Quality of Life changes are smaller nature, yet some spice up the quality of life in Star dew Valley, certainly.

Most could fans look the Changes in construction of buildings and purchasing of items. Pets can be pushed out of the way at last, while building builds or moves. In addition, farm buildings are now also built on artifact places, but what the artifacts destroyed.

Items may be in stacks of 25 pieces either purchased or prepared, if you hold the Shift and Ctrl key together. In addition, accidentally sold items can be bought back in the same shopping session.

The developer also confirmed that a further update 1.5.6 is already in the works and more support for molders will include. All other changes that went live with the 1.5.5 update, you can here in the Developer blog Star dew Valley read.

Are you that the game is so much support can learn the developer in all these years, even fans of Star dew Valley and rejoice?

From Dina Makovich
12/02/2021 13:27