Battlefield 2042 brings next year 64 player

There were interesting 24 hours for Battlefield 2042. Only a few hours after DICE had released the new Battlefield 2042 update, which brought 218 changes to the game, fans began to complain about adding festive skins to the game. But now it seems like the studio tries to cheer the fans for cheering.

Battlefield 2042 New Map & 64 player Servers - Season ahead | BATTLEFIELD

In a new, insightful interview with game spot, DICE has plans for the future of the game, the studio and a connected Battlefield 2042 universe set up. While the developer team is just a great deal of transformation, those who are still working on the game to find new ways to bring it up to date — and one of these ideas is, 64-player modes on PC, PlayStation 5, to bring, and Xbox Series X | s.

However, these 64-player modes currently available on PS4 and Xbox One will only be available for a limited time. Although DICE has not specified why the mode is executed only for a specified period of time, the teams are likely to analyze the player data behind both modes to see if it is worthwhile to add it permanently in 2022.

It is not the only thing that DICE promised. According to Game spot, the players at the end of this month is another big update before, and in 2022 a new list of new content is added, including a card called Exposure and these 64 player modes on the PC and consoles of the current generation. The studio was quite insignificant in relation to the details, but believes that exposure will raise the card design to a completely new level.

Next year, the first season of Battlefield 2042 will go live and fans can get new specialists, weapons, gadgets and vehicles in their fingers.

In view of the fact that the last patches have solved issues that the game plagued since we have been in the hands for our Battlefield 2042 test, confirming that we will soon see new content, as well as the confirmation of EA that The company committed is to further improve and develop the core gameplay by Battlefield 2042 is a welcome sight for long-term fans. Even if the high-caliber departures are internally used as a deflection.