Sony is giving away gifts in the PlayStation

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Sony is in the pre-Christmas time in donor mood and distributed gifts to trophy collectors: in the PlayStation Advent Calendar, the company rewards PS4 players daily with exciting price roles.

Sony can not rag before Christmas and gives you the chance with the PlayStation Advent calendar to curse great gaming gains. Especially trophy collectors with a packed PS4 showcase can make hopes.

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PlayStation Advent Calendar: participate in raffles with trophies

To clear at Sony’s Advent Calendar, you have to buy loose with credits. Here your trophies come into the game: As soon as you register at the Advent Calendar, your previous PS4 trophies are read from the system and converted into credits. If you yield more trophies in December, these are even ten times — for your new bronze trophies there are thus 150, for silver 300, for gold 900 and for platinum even 3,000 credits.

Hear’s the PlayStation Advent Calendar!

In addition to your trophy collection you can do different tasks to earn credits. These include, for example, watching videos or specific shop pages. Even if your friends dates, you can secure credits. (Source: PlayStation)

PS4 raffle: with credits in the Lost

For each 500 credits you can buy a ticket and thus participate in the daily raffle. The more tickets you get for a raffle, the more likely a profit.

Incidentally, you can take a look behind a door of your choice for 3,000 loosely. Because the profits change every day, you can better assess the day you want your credits to put on the game. On the 1st of December, for example, there is a Racer Issue Gaming Chair as a grand prize and three Racer Ceará X Headsets as ancillary prices.

I’m video we show you the seven best PS4 games of all time:

Sony brings with the PlayStation Advent Calendar tension into the pre-Christmas time. Especially hardworking PS4 trophy collectors can dust a daily prizes in the action with the playful credits daily.