2D Rog Like ACT LOOT RIVER demo version distribution of scaffolding puzzle elements and realistic attack operation

Slovakia In dividers Strata. Studio has started delivery of the demo version of Rogue Like Action LOOT RIVER on December 6th.

This game is a single play action adventure drawn in 2D dots.

The player will go ahead of the puzzle scaffolding by the power of Relic to the stage of the automatic generation of the dark fantasy world view, and confronted with a powerful enemy in the combat behavior expressed in smooth operation. While repeating death, we will unlock weapons, items, abilities, and permanent upgrades with the accumulation of knowledge and experience know-how, and explore deeper.

The published demo version is here for the Store page, and the Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One version is here from the web and from the body.

The puzzle element of the scaffold is Tetris, and a tense battle is Dark Seoul and LOOT RIVER, which is accepted by the developer, 2022 for PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One It will be released. Because it is a better game, we are currently receiving feedback.