The new expansion of Star Wars The Old Republic is delayed but BioWare has already put a date

Star Wars: The Old Republic (abbreviated story as well as pronounced Swot or) is a greatly multiplayer online computer game based on the prolonged world of Star Wars. It was developed by BioWare, modified by Digital Arts, as well as open up to gamers on December 20, 2011, on Windows. This is the second MMO on the Star Wars world (the first being Star Wars Galaxies, introduced in 2003 as well as shut for the launch of Seton on December 15, 2011); As well as the 2nd computer game Star Wars authorized BioWare (the initial being the role-play Knights of the Old Republic launched in 2003).

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of those MMORPG designed to fulfill all the dreams of franchise fans, something that has been demonstrated with a longevity rather than remarkable. The game has active almost 10 years, so BioWare intended to celebrate this event with a new expansion centered on the Sith. However, and although this content was going to be released next week, the development team has come to the conclusion that they need more time.

The Legacy of the Sith expansion is delayed until February 15, 2022 How much will you have to wait for the title fans? For a few weeks, since the expansion will go to February 15, 2022. Legacy of the Sith is something that the team has worked hard for a while, but as we approached the launch, it was clearer that we need a little more time, explains BioWare from the official blog of the game. We are focusing on additional tests in the many areas that we have changed in the game to provide the experience we want, and the one you deserve.

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However, the developer team does not lose the opportunity to thank the community all the effort invested in both the game and in the Legacy of the Sith tests, because their comments have helped mold and profile some aspects of this expansion. For this reason, they warn that most of the content and its features will be available at the Public Test Server, so referential users can access and test the general features of Legacy of the Sith as BioWare ends Its development

Therefore, MMORPG lovers will have to test their patience and wait for the new STAR WARS expansion: The Old Republic See light later. In addition, they can be calm about the becoming of the game, because BioWare has ensured that it will support its title for a long time. In this way, the first decade of Star Wars: The Old Republic is nothing for BioWare, because it still has a lot of bellows to continue providing content to the game.