AMONG US is only one dollar A bundle with up to seven games can be obtained in Humble

Humble Bundle has launched sales of charity bundles Dangerous Worlds with dangerous world themselves.

This bundle where the title to be obtained by the donation amount changes, that two of that popular alien game AMONG US and simple operation side Squeeze KINGDOM: New Lands is one dollar (It is possible to obtain it in (around 110 yen for Japanese yen).

Furthermore, in the upper frame, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition and GENERATION ZERO are also available.

Available Title List

The Lowest price frame ($1)


Kingdom: New Lands

Average frame ($7.59 when writing this article)


Kingdom Two CROWNS

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands (DLC) 50% discount coupon

Max price frame ($12)

STATE OF DECAY 2 : Juggernaut Edition

Legislate (Lewis Gate)

The Dangerous Worlds bundle is sold until 4 am on December 23, December 23. If you are worried, let’s get it early.

*JOB SIMULATOR* Mod in Among Us

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