Vindictus Adds Its 19th Hero Dan

The current update to Vindicates adds the long-running game’s and also 19th hero, the brand-new soul warrior Dan-Ah. To note her enhancement, there are likewise some events to net you a new outfit and also unique progressing bonus offers.

Dan-Ah, in her lore, spent much time in the land of the living as punishment due to the fact that she began as a warrior in the underworld as well as was banished. She utilizes the power of her Soul blade, a powerful sword enchanted with soul power, which she can utilize to make measured attacks as well as use soul capabilities intrinsic to the blade. According to her announcement news release,

Using her capacity, Ritual of Closing, sees her send out the sword up, then she teleports throughout the field to do a downward strike on a target. This is one of the most destructive ability she has, and it appears to be a focal point of her package.

Dan-AH is here! New Droprates and 3-Player parties! Vindictus 2021

Her equipment, Phoenix metro Soul, is imitated a phoenix AZ’ wings and tail and also this armor is her default appearance, however she likewise has another choice called Grand Soul, to symbolize her past.

The enhancement of this new hero consists of the Commemorative Package event, which will certainly give all gamers who produce a Dan-Ah and also get to level 10 with her, a new long-term special outfit unlock. A degree up event supplies a number of benefits to help brand-new personalities level. This event will certainly be open to freshly created Dan-ah or any type of characters you carry your account that are under level 30.

For more on Dan-Ah, see the Vindicates site.