Among US premieres in VR The dispute between crew and impostors intensifies with a new trailer

In just a couple of weeks, Among Us, it became a worldwide phenomenon. While the proposal remains fresh thanks to the dozens of discussions between the crew and impostors, its creators have not ceased to prepare updates for the games are even more unpredictable. But it seems that the team had Inner sloth a new dimension to conquer, and so has announced the landing in VR Among Us.

Do you remember those times when an impostor I stabbed in the back in the room electricity? A feeling of the most frustrating thing that will intensify even more with the technology of virtual reality, we will resolve mini-games in first person and meet at the Impostor face to face. In other words, a way to maximize those small attacks on the heart that gives us Among Us.

There have been no details about the features of this new version, so playing wait to meet release date, concrete platforms and other data. Beyond that, this idea seems to go perfectly with the proposal Among Us, because this issue will more than a scare unsuspecting players not tuned to what happens beyond their tasks.

The Glorious Among Us Game in VR Chat (3/3)
2021 The Game Awards has given us a good handful of surprises, so Among Us for VR is among the many ads that has given us the gala Geoff Kafka. So that no news will not miss, from worldwide phenomenon are covering the event live, so do not miss what you have to offer this award.