Ubisoft Quartz Player penalties NFT

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Update : Ubisoft has pointed out that the video was uploaded from the beginning as not listed on YouTube. Allegedly to direct the traffic to the Quartz website. However, of course, it may also be that at the Publisher might already suspect how the video will arrive at YouTube.

Original message : This week Ubisoft has introduced its own NFT platform with Quartz, which should enable the purchase of unique objects with cryptocurrency. At the start you have decided for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which should get a first row of NFTs in the game. The first feedback from the players to Ubisoft Quartz, however, has failed catastrophic for the publisher.

Ubisoft hides NFT video

Suitable for announcement Ubisoft published a video for the NFT platform, which was fired within a few hours with dislikes. Over 31,000 users have already evaluated the video to Ubisoft Quartz with a thumbs down. Only about 1,200 users gave the video a Like.

To brake the Shit storm a bit, Ubisoft has hidden the video at YouTube. Strictly speaking it is not listed and therefore no longer findable directly via the search. If you have the link to the video, you can continue to see the trailer to Ubisoft Quartz and its scores.

Does Ubisoft now stop his NFT plans with quartz?

After the project has received fierce criticism before the start, the makers of Ubisoft probably should be reflected on how it should continue with quartz in the future. At the moment everything looks like that the platform starts as planned today Thursday. At 19 o’clock the first item for Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available for free.

Other publishers have already expressed their interest in NFTs

While Ubisoft has now surprisingly quickly brought an NFT platform, other publishers announced their interest in NFTs. These include Electronic Arts and Square Enix. In view of the negative reactions, however, it could take a little until you present tangible projects.

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