Zombie Army 4 Dead War Update 1 45 Patchotes Carlos Hurtado

1:45 update has arrived for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and here is a list of the complete changes and corrections that have been added with this patch. Update 1:45 will be many problems in ZombieArmy 4: solve Dead War, so player after installing this patch should make a better experience. This update did not yield any substantive supplements, but it solved many problems in terms of texture, clipping and achievements. So far, the game added no Christmas extensions, but there is still time to fight on this holiday against zombies. Everything is new with ZombieArmy 4: Dead War Update 1:45.

Zombie Arm 4: Dead War Update 1:45 Patch Notes


The cumulative play time counter now works as intended
Cut scene SFX error in Dead Zeppelin level has now been fixed
Dead Ahead — shooting — zombies are not misaligned with the cage in the safe room
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — Death Canal — Interaction call for the workbench is designed for players no longer unavailable while the game is hosted on PS4
The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack — The Seek headgear does not cut more by secondary weapons of all Hector Character Skins
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — Fixed an issue in which the speaker icon is not displayed correctly when the player has been muted
Return to Hell — The Karl-zombie characters that appear throughout the mission, no longer carry the occult Karl outfit skin
Torches weapons package — With the Platinum Skin blowtorch is not observed not matching texture more
Torches weapons package — Visual errors in the second and third fuel pump controller upgrade has been fixed
Hell’s Cauldron — Walkway A1 — on the metal platform is observed after leaving the start area not overly dark texture more
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — The description of the voice chat switch has been adjusted for clarity
M3 Grease Gun — The problem that led to the Charms were incorrectly attached to the weapon has now been fixed
Flare Gun — The problem that led to the Charms wrongly been attached to the weapon has now been fixed
Cross Play (only PlayStation / PC) — Fixed an issue where the speaker icon remained on the screens of the players, after the key is push to talk released during the game
Fixed an error in which the collecting area indicating a false preview image for all LCS, which were selected after Damnation Valley.
Horde mode — the weapon of the blowtorch was the weapons caches added
The progress barrier that affects some players in Hell’s Cauldron, has now been fixed
Fixed issue where the mute icon on the player remained on the screen, even though the mute is canceled
Fixed a bug that uneaten in the chapter in the mission selection screen false challenges


All the above plus:

The problem that led DLC lost, although players have the content and install, has been fixed now
The progress block on the Rotten Coast, Survive Hitler’s Trap has now been solved
FG 42 SMG STAT Card Error has been fixed
The success of Damned busters will now be unlocked after completion of the mission
The progress block at the destination of the dead Zeppelin heartbreaker has been fixed
In Deeper Than Hell, Episode 4 Ancient Temple, the goal Stop Schneider, completing the occult machine now completed after all 7 batteries were destroyed during Cooper
The soldering lamp weapon — VFX of weapon attachments now disappear after consumption
The success That’s all happened is now unlocked
Tarot Charm Package — The verdict -Charm does not hang with the Blowtorch during the game
Occult Karl outfit clips no longer with certain pistols and the holster of the occult Karl outfit
Occult Karl outfit — Certain headgear does not hang together with the head of the occult Karl outfit together
The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack — Eyeballs of the ‘Occult Karl’-Character light up now after creating the’ Mummy Head Mask The progress block in Zombie Zoo Nightmare mode has been fixed
Progressed block on the hell-based, chapter 4, survive the zombiehords, has been fixed
Hell kettle — walkway B — over the metal platform near the refractory trap on walkway B no more dark texture is observed
Hell’s Cauldron — Walkway A2 — The black texture is no longer observed in the gap of metal beams near the door of Tower A on Walkway A2
Soldering Weapon Pack — The graphics for the first, second and third damage upgrade is now unique

Zombie Army 4: Dead War New Update 1.45 Is Here!!!

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All above plus:

Lobbies no longer appear on the screen Browse Games after being thrown out of a lobby

This patch brought many changes and not just on the Steam version. Google Stadia players and Windows Store have also received some corrections for their respective versions of the game. Part of the patch focused on texture and visual problems, model clipping and much more. In addition to the graphic corrections, the developers have solved some problems in terms of weapons, successes, SFX and challenges.

Zombie Army 4: Dead was is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. For more information about this update, see the official website of Zombie Army 4: Dead.