Rogue Company Update 1 86 PatchNotes Carlos Hurtado

Update 1.86 has arrived for Shaken companies, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. The developers of the Rogue Company have given everything in this patch. Update 1.86 came with a new rogue called Umbra; This new agent will mess the gameplay in the next games. In addition to this new playable character, the patch has made many changes to the weapons of the game and more. Everything is new with Rogue Company Update 1.86.

Rogue Company Update 1.86 Patches

New rogue: Umbra

Umbra is a high-ranking Shaka assassin and a true trailer of the Jacky thing. After a mission against the Rogue Company was to rush, he was kept dead. Thanks to numerous Cybernetic implants of Jackal, he was born again, eager and more committed than ever before.

Weapons: MRS and SMS
Startwaffen: Bishop and LMP-X
Secondary: Hunker
Melee (new): Fighting knife
Device: Abroad grenade, smoke grenade


A-RC-NID — a remotely controlled drone with the appearance of a spider used to detect enemies and detonate in proximity, causing significant area damage.
Siphon — Get maximum health if you destroy an enemy, eliminate or help it.


Hunter — New advantage: recognize the fresh footprints of going or sprinkling enemies.
Padded stages
Fill up
Life’s tale

Winter Bash

The winter comes in Rogue Company, and it may be cool in the air, but you can heat things with new packages and event contracts that you can conclude for celebrating.

Outfits and bundles

Snow patrol Scorch
Snow Patrol Scorch Skin
Deadly resolutions primary, secondary and melee wrap
Red nose wing suit
Mistletoe By
Mistletoe V-skin
Primary, secondary and melee packaging in gift wrapping
Rudolph’s replacement hoverboard
Doctor Frosty Saint (free of purchase of two other packages)
Doctor Frosty Saint
Grandma’s current primary, secondary and melee wrapping
‘NOT Banner


Contract 1
Gunner Gumdrops Avatar
Sharp chill’s border
Contract 2

Rogue Company Movement Is BETTER Than All Shooters
Slay Bells Animated Banner
Holly Jolly Napalm
Contract 3
Santa Strut-emote
Dr. Frosty title

New LTD: Combat zone

Two teams are fighting to stand as last in the Battle Zone! The Safe Zone starts great and will be smaller in the course of the round. However, be careful because they will hurt if they leave him. This mode also offers a new shop, no health regeneration and weapon boxes at various map locations.

Main rules

This is a team-based 4V4 mode in which each player has only one life and the Best of 7.
In each round you have a baseline of cash as well as what you deserve through exceptions, defeats, assists and renovations. Your cash will not be transferred from round to lap (no save!).
You start with a secondary weapon, but you can find weapons boxes with primary weapons at different card locations.
Bought gadgets are not transferred from round to round (use them or lose them!), But the benefits will remain for the entire game.
Your basic health is 125, but there is no automatic regeneration.
Mythical boxes can spawn each round.
You will see mythical boxes on the map and the mini card when they appear.
This can happen when the first circle is drawn or after the first 30-second timer.


You can now ping weapons.

UI rarity

You now see a rarity color of the weapon or armor you have in your HUD.
You also see the rarity of the weapon, which you have currently equipped.


There is no limit to the number of perks that you can buy, and they last the entire game.
Available Benefits
Stalker: Removes the penalty for the speed of movement of the visor.
Quick hands: Increase the weapon switch, to reload speed and reloading while sprinting.
Padded steps: Bring the sound of your footsteps silenced if you do not sprint.
lifeline: Increase the resuscitation rate by 50%.
spirit: Immune to all revelations.
Eigenwillig: Get 25 armor.
filling: Eliminations provide ammunition restore and leave a Versorgungsset fall.
Tracker: See enemy footprints and reveal enemy when you shoot at them.
Blaster: Increases the explosive damage by 50%.
perseverance: Reduces explosive damage by 40%.
Crack Shot: Increases the headshot damage by 30%.
Bulletproof: firearm reduce [body damage by 20%.

Consumable Gadgets

You can only carry two different gadgets into each round.
All gadgets are consumable and will not carry over from round to round.
Most gadgets have to upgrade that will give a greater number of gadgets did.


All Armor is repairable.

Rare (Blue): 25 armor
Epic (Purple): 50 armor
Legendary (Gold): 75 armor
Mythic (Orange): 100 armor



The ability now recharges every 35 seconds.
Two barricades can now be Placed.


With Saint now having Lifeline and drone flight speed Increased, we think he will be Completing many more revives than before. As tested, we’re slightly reducing the flat heal given to Saint and his teammates When Completing a revived.

Drone now travels to downed teammates 50% faster.
Saint’s passive heal on reviving now heals for 60 instead of health 80th

The Fixer

Ability duration Increased from 6 to 10 seconds.
Increased the heat signature of enemies, Allowing you to see them behind cover.


Improved Bow radius revealed from 8 to 10 meters.



We feel the KA30 is a bit too stable, love especially When upgraded, for the amount of damage and versatility it offers.

Increased recoil
Nerf recoil reduction upgrade

LR15 Full Body

Increased headshot damage from 140 to 150th
Body damage Increased from 70 to 80th


Clip size Increased from 9 to 12th


Body damage Increased from 21 to 22
Head damage Increased from 30 to 32


Damage falloff adjusted


The HRM 30k is tuned to be a headshot gun through and through. We want to make sure players are not fighting against too much reticle bloom When They’re expecting to hit headshots, so we’re making the weapon bloom a bit less at the base and moving the bloom reduction upgrade to allow for faster access in your build. We feel bullet penetration is too niche of an upgrade for a weapon already niche in other ways. It is the only assault rifle without a magazine size upgrade on top of having the smallest size magazine in class. We believe subbing in a smaller size may upgrade instead of bullet penetration will feel more worth purchasing.

Level 1 upgrade no longer Provides bullet penetration.
Level 1 upgrade now Reduces reticle bloom.
Level 2 upgrade no longer Provides reticle bloom reduction.
Level 2 upgrade now Increases magazine size from 20 to 30
Reduced base reticle bloom

A3 Salvo

Base Range Increased 2 m
Final falloff range Increased 2 m


Improved Aim Over Shoulder Accuracy


Tear gas

Slow Increased to 25%
The distortion effect Increased by 15%

Flash Bang

Fuse timer reduced from 1.75 to 1.5s.


High Castle

Removed a cardboard box did would pop a player head out of cover.


Players can now stand on the concrete tree.


Fixed an issue with the “Good Company” achievement that prevented it from being completed.
Fixed an issue that caused players to disconnect from the game on the Match Victory screen.
Fixed an issue that caused the Nova Weapon Wrap to create audio distortion in matches.
Fixed an issue that made all outfits have poor visual fidelity.
Fixed an issue that prevented the party count to update when creating a party in the main lobby.
Fixed camera clipping issues on the Wanted map.
Fixed an issue with the Custom Lobby no longer displaying the selected map.
Fixed an issue where hit SFX would not play when hitting a player with an explosive if the target player had Tenacity.
Fixed an issue where smaller grenades would appear to float in the player’s hands.
Fixed an issue where a reconnecting player occasionally had the incorrect Rogue portrait.
Fixed an issue with the Lima Heist skin’s cash clipping through the top flap.
Fixed an issue in the tutorial that prevented players from dodge-rolling under a falling barrier.
Fixed an issue with the description for the MIX Mark 4 Labyrinth weapon wrap.
Fixed an issue with aim assist when targeting players that were peeking from behind cover.
Fixed an issue that caused sprint to break when dodge rolling out of aiming down sights.
Fixed an issue that caused the “Down 10 Enemies” milestone to not track correctly when hit by an ability or gadget.
Fixed an issue that caused Nemesis Dahlia’s Ability VO to play very loudly.
Fixed an issue that caused the Jump O’ Lantern Wing suit to lack its face.
Fixed an issue with the Windmill Shake emote audio persisting between rounds.
Fixed an issue that caused the Digital Snow Hoverboard to display the incorrect rarity.
Fixed an issue on Wanted that caused players to get stuck on a gate.
Fixed an issue in Wingman that caused capture point progress to fail to display.
Fixed an issue that caused players to lose postmatch score information if they disconnected in a match.
Fixed an issue where emotes would display for the wrong Rogue when selecting an emote on the Main Menu.
Fixed an issue that caused Robin to perform a crouch-walk animation when dodge rolling while reclaiming her ability knife.
Fixed an issue that caused Account Boosts to display a “31 minutes” duration after activating a 30-minute Account Boost.
Fixed an issue that caused players using a controller to be unable to navigate to the Sprays tab when hovering over emotes they do not own.
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