Baumann No problem when players spend the climb as a target

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Frank Baumann had just completed his first public evaluation of Ole Werner as a new coach of the SV Welder Bremen in the small journalist circle, when he cleared his throat. With a grin hidden behind the FFP2 mask, he had something to add: This is now the bar that the point cut also stays in the second half. Three games under Werner, three victories for Welder — the Bremen sports chief could clearly get used to it.

How long the so-called impeccable series can also exist in 2022 will show. In any case, the signs are favorable, in the now upcoming winter break Werner will get the opportunity to act again even more intensively on his team. At the beginning of January, Welder flies to the training camp for a week after Murcia.

Moreover, many things worked astonishingly good now: The Bremen dominated the games against AUE, Regensburg and now Hanover — by a playful largely structured lecture from behind to the front. The high pressing led to high ball gains. And to eleven goals in three games.

Werner a little euphoric

Run for him: Ole Werner. Imago Images / Forefoot

No reason to excessive euphoria, however, for Werner. With the term alone, I can not do anything, says the coach, but when euphoria leads to the fact that we are positive and with self-confidence on things, then I have nothing against there. Then maybe I’m a very little piece euphoric.

Sports Chef Baumann leads the latest development under Werner, although his approach in the first days back, but also on the team who found themselves around the out of ex-coach Markus.

That Werner could continue the similar way of playing his predecessor, was also helpful — and yet he explicitly praises the 33-year-old: Ole made it good and confident. The team has noticed very quickly that he can convey well is also a strength of him, said Baumann, It is always important to strengthen the trust and conviction in a way through results. That worked quite well.

Does this path in the end possibly still lead to the renewed? It’s nice that we are back within range of the relegation place, explains Baumann, but also points to the even greater distance to the table first FC St. Pauli (seven points) and second SV Darmstadt 98 (six). Anyway, it is well possible that Welder starts with a customized seasonal goal in the games in 2021. Internally one will advise about it; So far, one had completely free from targeted placements at the end of the season.

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Baumann: is certainly not negative

However, after several Bremen players have already pronounced their ambitions openly, the Werder-Sportschief reinforced this procedure: We want to be ambitious and want to have ambitious players. That’s why it’s no problem if more and more players spend the ascent as the goal, That’s certainly not negative, says Baumann: It’s important to work on it. Incidentally, Werner sees that, which wants to continue the focus on the work and development. The lath lies after three wins — as mentioned — pretty high.

What do you think? Does Bremen manage the renewed? Expect the second half: Click here for the table calculator of the 2nd league.