FIFA 22 Weekend League with new rewards

Great was the turmoil in the run-up to the FIFA 22 season, the developer had stated in long explanations and announcements, as he intends to adapt the competitive system in Ultimate Team (FUT). The Weekend League has been converted into FUT Champions Finals, from 30 weekend spaces were 20. In addition, the reward structure was changed above all.

If the FUT champion tip has always been summarized in the past in the top 200 or Top 100 and mostly came to 30: 0 results, she lost in FIFA 22 to relevance: the highest rank was already reached after 16 wins, which is why the Best players often gave away their other games, i.e. voluntarily to the opponent.

16 victories are only enough for rank three

These gifts are simply painted shortly before Christmas: The new reward structure in the FUT Champions Finals sees the achievement of the first rank only from 19 victories. For rank two, 18 successes must be retracted, 16 victories are only enough for third place. Consequently, the FIFA elite is increased incentive to deliver until the last game. Leaky players will have to increase their performance for better rewards rather.

However, if you get the 19 victories, you will be equipped with new rewards: three picks from five options, 100,000 coins, 1,250 qualifier points, three TOW packs, two ultimate packs and a rare player pack will be cleared for rank one. Especially the reduction of the points for the qualifying tournament made for annoyance, as many fans fear to have to play more Division Rivals during the week during the week.

On the other hand, a significant part of the FUT community is looking forward to the greater diversification of the Rewards, as the services are now rated and rewarded small-scale. Given the requirement of 16 wins from 20 games, the tip was previously relatively wide, thanks to the increase in the claim to 19 successes, the chaff is separated from the wheat.

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