Kobayashi snaps Geiger second victory in Engelberg way

The thought of a very special honor made Karl Geiger full of anticipation smile. That’s Mega Cool, said the best German ski jersey, who is allowed to carry the yellow jersey of the leader in the overall World Cup at the prelude of the four-headed tour in his beloved Haman Oberstdorf. Geiger spoke of a privilege and supplemented in front of the idyllically snowy Swiss mountains: That’s what you always work on: that you can sit as the last top. At the traditional General Samples Weekend for the tour in Inselberg, the 28-year-old was abundant self-confidence and gained certainty of his own strength.

Geiger: It was a perfect weekend

Ryoyu Kobayashi gewinnt zweites Einzelspringen in Engelberg

Now I’ll go out again two right grenades and that gives me real up, Geiger said after his victory on Saturday before the strong Japanese You Kobayashi. Six days after his by far from the worst season’s results, the Allan announced impressively and showed with sentences at 137 and 140 meters that the 22nd place in Lilienthal was probably only a slip-up in an otherwise constant strong season. On Sunday, Geiger left a second place. It was a perfect weekend, he said in IDF. Now it’s time to regenerate, enjoy the Christmastime.

The balanced family father, who is looking forward to the holidays with his loved ones, can not be made of weaker jumps and smaller setbacks from the concept. In peace and steadily, Geiger has become the absolute prior art jumpers in the team of national coach Stefan Forgather. Accordingly, the Bachelor of Engineering presents itself around one and a half weeks before the tour start and next to the hill. He does not need great battle announcements and loud tones. Rather, violinist radiates safety and sovereignty. I think the self-confidence can I have too, he said in Inselberg.

With the picturesque large-minded ski jump, a special relationship combines him. Shortly before Christmas 2018 Geiger celebrated his first World Cup victory in the individual at all. That he cleared seven World Cup medals in the three years — including four golden — and ski flight world champions, was not foreseeable at that time. Now rest on him the great hopes of becoming the first German four-headed tournament since Sven Hannibal 20 years ago.

Forgather warns: Quadruple Tournament is still something else

In addition to Kobayashi, who won on Sunday, Geiger is the great favorite in the fight for the Golden Eagle. Forgather wants to know nothing about a duel of the two exception ski jumpers. For the Austrian coach, who looked after the German team since 2019, the weekend in Switzerland has no great importance in Switzerland with a view to the tour. Inselberg is a separate league and the four-headed tour is still something else, said the 52-year-old.

Eisenbichler: I’m at a loss

This can only hope Markus Eisenbichler. For the good buddy of violinists, it ran completely in Switzerland. On Saturday he became the 27th, on Sunday, the Bayer agreed as 35. Even after the first pass. I’m really disappointed, I’m helpless, said Eisenbichler.

Richard Friday was 2017 the hitherto last German, who traveled as a whole tour to the tour. However, Kamil Stock secured the prestigious victory. The pole decided all four jumping for himself. Friday dreams ended with a fall in Innsbruck. Geiger’s strong form is therefore a very good prerequisite, but not more. However, it is certain: the honor to jump as the last in the qualification of Oberstdorf on December 28, no one can take him more.

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