New MMORPG ELYON Elyon first Christmas Limited time Help Santa Claus and get various items Everyone who can get a Christmas present

Game-On [Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative director: Lee Sun John (i Canyon)] starts a new item that starts a formal service (Lyon ‘(hereinafter referred to as Version ) to obtain various items I knew that I started a limited Christmas event.

Game-on [Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative director: Lee Nissan You] started officially service New MMORPG Lyon (hereinafter referred to as Lyon ) to earn various items We started a limited-time Christmas event.

Santa’s part-time job experience event

■ Event period
December 22nd (Wednesday, 2021) After completion of regular maintenance-January 5, 2022 (Wednesday) before starting maintenance

Let’s do various requests for this time for a busy Santa at this time!
During the period, if you use an item Resume that can be acquired for 30 minutes Lyon, you can accept special quests that can be accepted, and the day quests that can be accepted from a specific NPC, [Event] Shining Snow Crystals can be acquired.
[Event] Snowy crystals are collected, and in addition to items that can be used to strengthen the equipment according to the number, you can replace it with various items such as Christmas specification furniture.

Replaceable item Partial introduction

Please check the following page for details on how to obtain items.

Elyon MMORPG First Impressions
Santa’s part-time job experience event

Login and anyone will surely get a Christmas present!

■ Receive period
December 24, 2021 (Fri) 0: 00-2022 December 25 (Saturday) 23:59

During the period, if you log in to Version, anyone will always get Furniture Dollies.
By all means Christmas played Version with family, lover and friends, and receives Christmas gifts from Santa!

Please check the following page for details.

Christmas special present!

About Lion

Version is a large range of customization about combat, such as the addition effect of skills and attacks, and it is MMORPG that can enjoy the powerful battle action of non-targeting method in your own style.

Only more than 3 million basal skills can be combined with 3 million basal skills, and it is a new title of expectation that the battle that sweats from EVE to PVP is a new title.

Version official site

Operating environment

Various links

■ Version official site

■ Version official Twitter
https://twitter.com/eLyon JP

■ Version official Discord server

■ Version official YouTube channel

■ Version official LINE account

■ Game-on-Japanese Corporate Site

■ Online game portal Pang official site

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