They accuse NWh to reuse scenes from other Spider films

While consensus is that Spider-Man: No Way Home is a great movie, this does not mean that the tape is free of a problem. With more than a week at the cinemas, many fans have realized a couple of mistakes. In this way, has been pointed out that there are a couple of recycled scenes from other Spider-Man projects.

Although at the moment there is no official information that confirms these suspicions, the fans have pointed out that a couple of scenes that are developed during the final fight of no way home, are reused. In specific, it is pointed out that the moments when Sandman and The Lizard are cured, are taken full of spider-man 3 and The amazing spider-man respectively.

Unlike Electron, the Green Elf and Doc OCK, who are performed by Jaime Fox, William Daphne and Alfred Molina, Thomas Baden Church and Why Fans only appear momentarily as humans, since in the rest of the movie they are Creatures created with GCI.

Thus, the fans have pointed out that Sony and Marvel preferred better to reuse scenes from past films, instead of calling the actors to a study to record a couple of seconds of their royal bodies. Although many expect An answer, it is very likely that this mystery is never resolved.

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