The top ten video games of 2021

Deciding on a list of the best video games of 2021, or any year, is difficult. Different opinions, different tastes, devil, even the platforms that someone has made a huge difference. At Cog connected, we adopt a democratic approach.

For all our category prices (you know, those you read in recent weeks), we are probing the team, weigh the rankings and publish the results. Most of the time, it’s a pretty precise process since even someone who did not play Ratchet & Clan Rift Apart can clearly say that it’s the most beautiful game of the year.

For the final list of the best video games of 2021, we use a hybrid approach. We proceed to the same team vote, and then we are committed to these results on Press X to Podcast. The opinion comes into play, strongly tinged by the Group’s results. The result of this process is contained inside. Loop your belt, attach yourself and take a tasty drink while we count our top ten video games of 2021.

The weird and extravagant of Sega detectives and Yakuza thugs are not stranger to the spotlight, having been recognized on countless lists of better personal games over the years. Several COG staff have in fact chosen Lost Judgment as their favorite game this year, and it’s not surprising: the fight is the best he ever had, the writing is surprisingly engaging and, above all, the Salami leather jacket is up to. Some could even say that it is one of the best leather jackets of 2021. Combined with this signature series atmosphere — where everything is absurd and no one seems to notice it — the lost judgment has impatiently anticipated each rebound. With the way everything assembles, Lost Judgment deserves to sneak in the bottom of our top ten games of 2021.

The winner of this year’s Game Awards for the best game (which I have since heard called The Ge offs, and it’s hilarious) ranks ninth place of our best video games of 2021. It’s a big game. Beautifully designed and animated, with a level of creativity that defies the logic, it Takes Two was a phenomenal treat when things in the real world seemed dark. Mae and Cody are the best pair of Haze light heroes from Brothers, and the puzzles in which they start are often brilliant. There are also really disturbing and sincere moments, and it is a shame that these moments are flattened by changes in sudden tones in the way the characters interact. A special cry of Joseph Balderdash’s double round as Cody and Dr. Hakim, though. We really want to spend time with this crazy book.

Fora Horizon 5 is perhaps the first race or sports game to be included on one of your best video game lists, and it occupies the 8th place here in 2021. Playground Games perfects its business open from Long now, and Horizon 5 is the best to date. Mexico is brilliantly diversified and absolutely beautiful; We look forward to seeing what this team can create once it will be released from the boat anchor compatible with Xbox One.

The variety of vehicles and events is also exceptional, and the design of the card does a great job to align the runners with another event when they finish a race. This does not even take into account the mechanics of the whole season and the constantly evolving competitive race scene. Even a crowded card and far too many unlock mechanisms could remove this Xbox jewel from our list of the best video games of 2021!

My top 10 games of 2021
It was a game that many thought of being an interest-free palette exchange of Marvel’s Avengers, but it was the best surprise of the year according to our team. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an adventure of superheroes designed with love and perfectly written with competent fights and exploration. But more importantly, he has characters we have learned to love. It is a difficult task of ensuring that your new Star Lord compares to Chris Pratt’s interpretation, but Lidos Montreal really brought out the atmosphere of the park guards. There is a ton of memorable moments during the adventure — not surprising given the experience of Lidos with the Zeus ex — franchise, and it contains a surprising number of sensations. The game begins to get the credit it deserves, but is still considerably underestimated in our opinion. This is certainly good enough to win the seventh place on our list of the best video games of 2021.