This is how Embers Adrift looks like – a group Lucimia game without mini

Embers Adrift: A New MMORPG - Official Game Trailer
The official Trailer and Gameplay Embers Adrift appeared on the network — Lucimia games, which you can associate under the previous name, Saga of Lucia. I must admit that the works went firmly forward, because both materials look very tidy and actually encourage you to wait / try Embers Adrift. The premiere is scheduled for this year, although you can buy a test ticket all the time (e.g. for 50 dollars) and enter the game today. Game Trailer: Gameplay: Embers Adrift is in many respects hardcore Lucimia… Without Quest-Hubs Without mini-map Without tags… and in the additive focused almost exclusively to play in the group. Solo-fellers whose species Lucimia are more and more, they do not warm up in Embers Adrift long. The official game site