World of Warcraft

Warcraft 3: Reforgan Pushed Back on January 28 2020

The anticipated Remaster will take a little longer.


At this point it is fair to say that the Warcraft franchise is always bound World of Warcraft because of his eternal place in the game culture, but it did not start as an MMORPG. Many hardcore fans know that the warcraft series was an established RTS, long before it ever gave wow and blizzard this eventually confirmed with warcraft 3: followed by. But it looks like the fans would have to wait a little longer.

The game is a Remaster of Warcraft 3 and should be outside until the end of the year. Well, we are almost a stone’s throw away from the end of the year, without a date in sight. And now Blizzard has officially announced on his website that the game will not be finished until the end of 2019 and will appear early next year.

Warcraft 3: Definitioned will start on the PC on January 28, 2020. Take a look at the gameplay for the upcoming publication.

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