“In the Cup number 1”: Köllner soffits against FC Bayern

Darmstadt, Schalke — and now the KSC? The TSV 1860 Munich wants to receive the Nimbus as a horror of the second division without its loud fans in the back. Killer explained the Karlsruhe SC to the clear favorites, but he had already done before the first-round success against Darmstadt 98 in penalties and the rejuvenated 1: 0 before 15,000 enthusiastic spectators in the second round against FC Schalke 04.

We have to grow beyond us and deliver a Bookstores game, said Killer to the plan on Tuesday evening (18.30, live! At Stephan Salger). The 52-year-old will appear as a hot-maker before the kick-off. It must be properly blazed in each player, the coach demands.

We want to despair the KSC.

Stephan Alger

After the successful start to the new year at 3: 2-force against the SV Wiesbaden after 0: 2-residue, the third division is in front of the taste. The goal is clear. We go to the second round to win it. We also trust ourselves. We want to bring the KSC to despair, announced defender Stephan Alger.

A Million jackpot

It’s about a lot for the DFB Cup winner from 1942 and 1964: reputation and money. For 60 this is another representation than in the 3rd league and financially attractive, said Killer. Around one million euros premium would bring in the quarterfinals. Money, which could be invested in January in the squad. If you achieve multiple revenue, I assume that things are easier to implement, said sports managing director Gunther Grendel.

The lions are not only the only remaining third division in the second round. They are also the last Bavarian representative. Above all, however, the big Bavaria are already out. This is a beautiful parent note or an important note for our fans, in which competition is currently number 1 in the city, Killer noted with a smile.