World Footballer: Lewandowski (FC Bayern) chose tactical

He did it again: Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern is again world footballer. That the pole cleared the title again had to do with a tactical choice of his clique. On the other hand, Erlang Haaland von Borussia Dortmund landed at the vote only in place eleven. Among other things, that was because the BVB star himself did not get the full score itself from home.

When choosing World Footballer — or FIFA The Best, as it is in full length — coaches and captains of all national team as well as selected journalists and fans over the best player of the year 2021. While some players chose the best player of their own country, BVB-ShootingStar Erlang Haaland lacked the full support of Norway.


Captain Martin Regard put on Karim Benzema of Real Madrid in one of his list and gave the competitor Haaland’s five points in the rating. Haaland himself had to be satisfied with two (3 points) in front of Lionel Messi (1 point).

Norway National coach Stale Slacken did not quite long the BVB attacker. Here, the 21-year-old even landed on third place. Before him: Robert Lewandowski on P1, Lionel Messi on P2.

Lastly, the Norwegian media Haaland’s competitors from FC Bayern ranked one, their compatriot in two and Mohamed Salah from FC Liverpool in third place. In the end it reached for Haaland in the overall vouch to seven votes.

Messi ignored Lewandowski

With significantly more support, Lewandowski finally secured the title. National coach Hans Flick and Captain Manuel Neuer put their former protégé and current players in first place and threatened him twice with the full score.

By doing so that both Messi did not consider with points, but voted for Salah and Dylan Mbappé (Flick) as well as Salah and N’Gold Kane (new), Lewandowski’s first place was even more valuable.

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Lewandowski also moved as a captain Poland tactical and put Messi as his main competitor only in second place, Jericho from FC Chelsea received five counters. After all, while the Bayern striker considered the Argentine, Lewandowski did not appear in the selection of the player’s player of La Albicelest.

Messi simply decided for his PSG colleagues Neymar and Maple as well as real attacker Benzema. In the end, however, that did not help. With 48 points Lewandowski decided the FIFA The Best tuning 2021 for themselves and won the title of the world footballers before Messi (44).

All results are available here as PDF of FIFA!