Decrypted: None is offensive than the FC Schalke 04

Peter Bowl (birthed October 2, 1966, in Written) is a German football feature as well as previous football gamer. Given that March 30, 2022 he is Grammozis Schalkes council of FC Schalke 04.

The FC Schalke 04 has not necessarily noticed as an offensive-a-favored team. Especially in fan tours, coach Dimitrios Grammars is criticized due to its supposedly defensive style. But an analysis has now shown that no team is offensive than the royal blue.

Most goals of the league did not shoot Schalke 04, in this statistic four teams are so far better than S04 with 35 hits. And even the table spot does not necessarily testify to uninspired offensive wit. But you look more closely on the numbers, you see that the Bundesliga relegated tries all trying to achieve hits.

Schalke has not only released most of the torches, but is — as Grammozis Schalkes picture has analyzed — as offensive as no other team of the lower house.

While the defense of the other teams is on average 34.7 meters in front of their own goalie, Grammars has ordered the defense of the royal blue nearly 1.5 meters further forward. According to the data, KO Turks, Malice Thaw and Co. on average 36.1 meters in front of their own goal line.

Even bigger is the difference in midfield: The other teams settle their midfield an average of 15.2 meters before the defense, while Schalke is over 4.5 meters. It means: Whole 19.8 meters is the distance to the last line of defense.

Therefore, Grammars Schalke 04 sets up so offensive

Also in attack is Schalke of the competition with a view to the tactical lineup proverb. The average distance between midfield and storm is in the 2nd league 19.9 meters, with the scarce it is 21.9 meters.

The distance was measured as follows: Between defense and midfield, the average positioning of the six in the midfield was included. With a view to the distance between midfield and attack, the average positioning of all players on the position was crucial.

What the analysis also shows: In the course of the season Grammar’s team has moved forward and further forward. S04 started at the first match day against the HSV with 33.2-meter distance to his own goal, the defense in the second leg was nearly 41 meters in front of the folic basis.

There are two main reasons according to the report for the offensive playing way: The coach wants to know firstly as many customers as possible in the penalty area when Thomas Ocean uses his dangerous flanks. Second, the coach forces the opponent with this style of high balls that can be easily intercepted by the head-strong defensive forces. With success.

Goals conceded the Schalke-defense rather with resting balls. Already eight goals resulted from opposing standards.