League of Legends

LOL – Patch 12.2: Zeri Launch, Five Large Updates and Newest Skins than Never

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The boot of the new season of League of Legends did not suppose the great change that many members of the community were waiting for. However, Riot Games has returned to the load with a 12.2 patch that has established a rhythm of adjustments that the developer will hardly be equal in the coming weeks. The new version includes in the game Zero as a new champion, as well as a total of 13 new aspects and 5 large updates that combine texture improvements with drastic changes in the gameplay. All this is accompanied, of course, of the usual adjustments to champions and objects to which we are accustomed.

Patch 12.2: An update with gigantic changes

ZERO will debut in the summoner crack with the launch of the 12.2 patch so that we can enjoy the interesting skills of it and the particular single mechanics of basic attacks. Riot Games has not yet confirmed the date and time of launch, although in its last premieres it has become accustomed to carrying out the activation at night after the launch of the patch. In this way, we must be attentive to the League of Legends store on January 20 between 19 and 23 at night.

Large updates to champions are distributed as follows. Janna, Rear and Tam Bench Receive adjustments to improve gameplay by adding new features that in some cases reach the miniature rework range. The remaining two are for WAYNE and SON , both receive significant visual improvements in their skills with which Riot Games will try to increase clarity and adapt its particles (VFX) to the quality standard of the League of Legends current. In addition to these novelties of the first order we will have a total of 13 balance adjustments divided between improvements and Nerves.

However, another of the highlighted elements in the new update of League of Legends will be at the launch of Skins. They are usually some of the most anticipated novelties. However, this patch marks a record for Riot Games: We will have a total of 13 new aspects distributed in several cosmetic lines : withered pink, artifices and porcelain will be available progressively in the store as you become a day since the launch From the version next to a prestigious version of Ayah Phoenix Divine.


Summary of patch 12.2

Although later you can read the detailed information with all the changes that the champions have suffered, we leave you before with a little summary in case you want to jump to the sum maker crack as soon as possible.

New Champion

  • Zero.

Changes to champions:

  • UFOs: Nocturne, Senna, Samira, Tristan, Hagar, Yahoo and One Delivery
  • Nerves: Lulu, Diana, She, Talon and Zed
  • Settings: Janna, Rear and Tam Bench
  • Visual update: WAYNE and SON

Changes to systems:

  • UFOs: Dog of Niche, Rylan Glass Scepter
  • Nerves: Compass Lethal, Techno chemical Alma, Alma Hex tech

New Skins:

  • Porcelain: Real, Kindred, Cassandra, Alum and Lux
  • Artificer: Teems, In Zhao, Sett, Tristan and Diana
  • Wilted pink: Zero
  • Prestige: Ayah Felix brave and porcelain lux