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Steel Series, Dustproof Low Noise Gaming Keyboard Apex 3 TKL Release

The world’s first gaming gear brand steel series (Steelers, CEO: Etihamlabani) is the first waterproof TKL Gaming Keyboard Inn Apex3 TKL US (APEX3 TKL US). Apex 3 TKL US provides IP32 grade waterproof and dustproof function. Even if you pour water, you can use the keyboard safer so that the water can flow out of the keyboard.

The Apex 3 TKL US is specially designed to meet the needs of gamers, characterized by a slightly streamlined silhouette. E With the most popular form factor for sports, you can set the keyboard location directly to make gamers feel at maximum performance and comfort during play.

In addition, the Apex 3 TKL US is able to play a low noise game. Designed to lower the acoustic vibration, the low noise switch is a low-noise switch, which is less friction and guarantees more than 2 million cafes as a low friction and durable material. The gamers can use keyboards for a long time without any concerns.

In addition, gamers also support dedicated multimedia control devices to maintain concentration. You can quickly adjust the settings using the clickable volume rollers and media keys, and are conveniently available with one button touch, such as adjustment, rewinding, skipping, and pausing.

It is also noteworthy that it is customizable according to the user’s taste. Apex 3 TKL US can easily customize lighting and macros through ‘Steelers Engine’, and ‘Brilliant Prism sync Lighting’ is a 126.5 million beautiful and crisp Provide eight color zones to make it more cool and make a more wonderful work environment.

In addition, the steel series engine supports ‘Steelers Moments’. ‘Steel Series Commune’ gamers clipping, editing gaming pirates, editing and friends with friends (JPY CAT), DISCORD, DIGIT, Twitter, Facebook (FACEBOOK) It is a free app that can be shared in. League of Legends (League of Legends), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Counter Strike: Global OFFENSIVE), and Data 2, etc., This feature will also be applied to the game.