Vampire Survivors, Welcome to your new addiction

That the technically advance video game is never more: better graphics, more spectacular presentations, cutting-edge technology… it is all part of the charm of witnessing the advance of a means like this, in which so many artistic, technological and creative factors converge. But it is always advisable to remember and bear in mind that a good game mechanics, however simple it may be, it may be the only thing a title needs to succeed. Such is the cenemiese of Vampire Survivors, one of the early sensations of Steam in this 2022, which already accumulates tens of thousands of users and an enemiessessment extremely positive after accumulating more than 2000 positive analyzes against a twenty Negative

Seeing the screens and the trailer The truth is that the game does not raise great expectations. A poorly animated sprite of what seems like vampires from a Cenemiestlemaine is moving through a two-dimensional mapping beating while dozens of enemies come out to our meeting without another way of attack than approaching our position. We do not even have to attack, since it is automatic, we only control the movement. It is an approach that we have already seen on numerous occenemiesions, especially popular in flenemiesh given the relative simplicity and eenemiese of management. The challenge is simply to survive enemies much enemies possible before the inevitable final, although in the cenemiese of Vampire Survivors, it is necessary with a Rogue lite component that comes enemies a ring to the finger.

Simple approach, fun without lookouts

enemies the canons send, there is a component of transient progression and another permanent . Our character will earn levels during the game by collecting gems that leave the enemies when dying and at each level we will be given to choose between different improvements and skills to promote our offensive and defensive capacity. We do not have control of when or where to attack, so our priority is to get a combination that helps us to endure more time, among numerous random options that will appear: random fireballs, flirting knives on straight line, flying axes drawing enemiescending arches, crosses acting enemies Boomerangs, garlic barriers that damage the enemy approaching, Bibles that turn around (yes, the influence of Cenemiestlemaine is little disguised). There are also skills that increenemiese the benemiesic features of the character: fenemiester, more resistance, more frequency of attack, plus number of projectiles… you have to add the fact that each of the selectable characters henemies certain innate skills that manifest themselves enemies levels, so it is the responsibility of the player to choose what to prioritize to achieve an optimal result.

On some occenemiesions we will end with combinations with little synergy that will make it impossible to survive the waves of growing number and difficulty, with increenemiesingly numerous, resistant and rapid enemies. Other times we will be able to find a winning combination that will make our enemies fall for thousands, and we can resist the maximum half hour we can endure before death itself comes to take us — in that point the whole screen is overflowing with enemies and the map no It is seen, only us in the center surrounded by enemies who desperately try to reach our position while our death accountant grows for hundreds to every second, very satisfactory and cathartic -. Factors such enemies Bonus to climb the level or distance to which we can attract the precious gems will also be important so that we can progress quickly enough to face the new challenges. The fact that the gems are and not simply killing what makes us level up forces us to be in motion and not limit ourselves to expect in a place to come for us, which gives it a successful touch of dynamism.

The permanent part of progression is divided into two factors: If we get certain objectives in the previous heading, such enemies progressing a weapon at a certain level, we can unlock new accessories and even new characters to use, each with a particularity. We will also accumulate gold with which to achieve permanent bonuses that will be valid for each game and will allow us to have more chances of reaching before and better to the point we want to arrive. The component of one more game is powerful , since there are always combinations that we want to try and the games are fenemiest, no more than half an hour there is right now of limit, so it is very tempting to throw another and see how we do it this time.

Well, (not very) Nice and cheap

Vampire Survivors part of a free version Web that we can play to try it, being more limited than the payment version in Early Access in Steam, which is worth €2.39 right now. For that price we find a game with more options than the free, two types of mapping and more weapons, enemies well enemies the promise of the developer to improve it and add content. The truth is that for the price, the hours of entertainment it offers until it is currently unlocking is a bargain that can entertain us hours without realizing it. It does not seem that the developer, Ponce, henemies a detailed plan of progression right now (or waiting for the success he henemies found, already placed), but he is currently focusing on Ahead Bugs, Improve Quality of Life and Adjustments to Make Experience More satisfactory In short, one of those games that can be recommended without upholstery even if you are in Early Access and you can only improve from here on.