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Carefully sneaking, interruptions, combine with practical ping system on threatening hazards, fighting back to back, put on a long-recharged special ability in the last second to ward off a huge opponent wave — all this and more power Rainbow Six Extraction In combination with its sophisticated risk reward approach and its broad funds on varied characters to a core-recommended online coal shooter. Studio only that Ubisoft Pro scene only implemented three levels and repeat them far too often — especially if you also fail more often. The same applies to the mission species, which it lacks specifically for multi-hour game sessions on variation. Dot deduction is further for the fact that soloists are only able to lose alone — and not as usual as in the genre with bots — and assume story elements a much too minor role. Nevertheless: Pure matches is all worthwhile, not least because the title is directly to the start part of the Game Pass. If Ubisoft succeeds, swiftly and regularly replenish new content updates, the opportunities are quite good that many of the mentioned criticisms are unnecessary in the future.

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  • Successful focus on teamwork and sneaking
  • On higher levels of difficulty often pure adrenaline
  • Motivating Risk Vs. Reward Mechanics
  • Destruction of the area tactically usable
  • Solid hero progress system with continuous rewards
  • 18 characters with unique skills
  • Good ping system, useful communication wheel
  • Full Crossly support; Friends play 14 days for free
  • About a dozen opponent types, including mutant operators


  • Mission targets are repeating too often
  • Number of scenarios at the moment currently being manageable
  • No bots that support you in solo or duo lots
  • The story would have potential, but this hardly plays out
  • Often too much experience point-grinding
  • Also requires an online connection in solo mode

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Rainbow Six Extraction plays in the same narrative universe as Rainbow Six Siege, but finds a completely different story hanger, which is presented in a pretty rendered intro right at the beginning. Out of to hallow, the Chimera aliens suddenly immerse anywhere in North America and spread fear and terror with their archaean. Humanity is challenged by stating the special unit React (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) out of the ground, which turns everything on their part to better understand and curb the extraterrestrial threat.

The resulting gameplay is trimmed from head to foot to co-op and quickly explained: Up to three Race agents (called operators here) land in an area of ​​application and must meet three mission targets in three areas of the card one after the other. Install tracking sensors at Chimera Nests, hunt parasite towers with explosives in the air, starting laptops in predetermined order, then triangle to triangle the origin of a quake, take tissue samples from elite-archaeen by taking them back with a knife — under the bottom line Grounded the developers of Ubisoft Montreal a dozen different mission types, which collapses the game in every game randomly.

Motivating time stress

Important in this context: only 15 minutes per mission destination are available. If this time has expired before you have made it to the extraction point or for airlock in the next level area, the game evaluates the use as failed. The same applies if all team members go to the ground in the fight against the enemy. However, these situations should be avoided, because in both cases, the operators used as missing — they are only available as a game figures when other RACE operators save them in a new start of the respective missionary area. Clear players, therefore, quickly leads to the fact that the initially nautical operator team is always upgraded.

In order to avoid such losses already in advance, the game offers the opportunity to leave a field of application prematurely. Disadvantage: The sooner they have extracted via helicopters and the fewer goals they have fulfilled, the lower the experience point reward falls at the end. Bear this design approach ensures additional tension and heated discussions with the teammates: Should I really use my strong wounded squad still in the third Level section — in which the most dangerous opponents lurk -? Or can we break the current job better prematurely, but save our figures and the experience points already collected in return, which in turn unlock new levels, weapons & Co.?

Noise means trouble!

Just like Rainbow Six Siege is Rainbow Six Extraction a true tactic shooter that rewards coordinated and soft action. If, on the other hand, anyone causes noise (for example by constant race, the use of louder weapons et cetera), does not have to be surprised if the paired archaean short time later from different directions of heaven. Not only that: Increased enemies usually roar, which in turn causes nearby parasite nests to distribute reinforcing units that mean new trouble.

Further, interesting challenge in Rainbow Six Extraction : In every level — especially in the perimeter of alien nests — a black, moldy tissue spreads on the floor and on the walls. Running operators about it, the sticky mass slows the respective character noticeable. The Archaean, however, does not matter to the so-called outgrowth. On the contrary: attack players, while they stand on it increases their attack power. If you want to progress as effectively as possible, you always have to keep the nasty alien fabric in mind and push back through weapons or the gadgets of your operator.

18 Heroes, 18 special skills

Keyword Operator: In the gameplay, 18 specialists from Rainbow Six Siege are also available to choose from whose individual skills influence the outcome of a round part. Enlightenment Alibi, for example, throws bait that attract opponents in the area and is therefore great for missions in which distraction is in demand, while colleagues pass a VIP to the exit. Or we take Vigil: As soon as he activates his ERC-8 disruptor, opponents do not recognize him for a few seconds. This in turn makes it to the favorite for orders with Schleichfokus. Quite different SLEDGE: The stunned with a tactical hammer approaching opponent or uses his kilos tool to smash wooden walls & Co. with only one stroke. That looks cool and opens new routes through the level

Rainbow Six victories greetings!

In addition to their special ability, all operators receive access to two of 21 practical RACE equipment. These include revival kits, scan mines that reveal opponent positions, numerous granite types and an improved reconnaissance dr1. Anyone who collects diligent experience points and creates it to milestone 30, may even be happy about a React laser, Chimera outlook without the use of ammunition. All this and more is interwoven with an easy-to-understand unlock system that holds new rewards after each level of step.

The locations: interesting, but expandable

To start, Ubisoft Montreal has four locations with three levels each. The portfolio ranges from a ruined police station in New York via a rocket manufacturing facility near San Francisco and a research station in Alaska to a junkyard in New Mexico. This variety first sounds quite neat, turns out to be played with longer play.

In the initial phase, for example, they are initially on the road only in New York — you put them back there and again at the three same locations. Once arrived in San Francisco, the problem repeats, because even there are only three levels available, which they play up and down, until they have collected enough experience points to penetrate into the Alaska scenario — and so on.

Granted, the levels as such are both optically and architecturally neatly designed, under the line, they have rich through the constant scene repetitions but much faster than expected. Similarly, it feels like the mission types: Although a scarce dozen order types are quite solid, but at the latest after two to three afternoons, however, one wishes to be significantly more variety and surprises. It remains to be hoped that Ubisoft quickly counterparts with upcoming content updates, not only ensuring more map and modes variation, but also integrates story aspects much more in the game run, as this is currently the case. Release: Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on January 20, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S and lands immediately at the start of the Xbox Game Pass (PC, Console and Cloud). The game has an age release from 16 and costs about 50 euros.