BVB | Watzke makes clear: misunderstanding with Erling Haaland is clarified

Borussia Dortmund and Torturer Erlang Haaland has cleared the misunderstanding about an alleged ultimatum out of the way. The confirmed BVB managing director Hans-Joachim Wake immediately before the Bundesliga match against 1899 Cofferdam on Saturday.

Of course we have exchanged, said Hans-Joachim Wake at the Sky microphone, addressed to the last clear criticism of Erlang Haaland. This had accused the club leadership after the victory against the SC Freiburg last week before running camera, pressed under pressure. One wants to force a decision, according to the Norwegian.

Basically, it’s like: Erlang had the feeling that in the media stood that we have set an ultimatum, but we did not do, Led Wake. Sometimes it is hard to see if something just is speculation of the media or not. We have clearly clarified that. There is no ultimatum to him. And there is no masking or something between us at all.

Contact For his consultant Minor Rail did not have the Dortmunder Boss anyway. The Italian is located in the hospital, information about his health is not Wake. Meanwhile, he emphasized that in the Cause Haaland there is still very early in any way. A conversation with all parties will lead to a given time.

Wake wants to tick Cup Flamage

We have ideas we want to say and want to tell his consultant, says Wake and announced: We will do that in the next few weeks. We do not have time pressure. And then we’ll see if these ideas are looking for or not, When he says I stay here, then we look forward to extreme. If it comes differently, and he says he goes, then we will find another solution.

The BVB boss was confident that one will find a good solution. It’s important that we stay creative.

The bitter cup of the acting title carrier wanted to hang the Dortmund managing director but not too high. The defeat annoyed him crazy, but defeats are always present. The Cup from St. Pauli had nothing to do with the mentality of the team. With the almost identical team we got the title last year. The topic must now be ticked out.