Iron sauce, this years noteworthy game industry trend top 6 announcement

App Business Platform Industry Iron Source announced on the 21st that based on the major insights of the game industry in the 2021, this year was selected for this year.

The first is the P2E (play-to-language) model. In the sense, P2E is also a next-generation business model in the game industry. It is a form that allows you to create profits while playing a game based on a blockchain technology, There are many difficulties and obstacles to be resolved as early as the beginning, but this year predicted that it will be more investment in that sector this year. It seems to be clear to be.

The second is the brand building. Compared to the existing, the user has become increasingly difficult to get a strategy, so that building brands and communities began to engraved as an essential requirement. The Iron Source will be expected to increase the community manager, and to increase the brand marketing campaign, and the online community deployment, and cooperation with YouTube or Tweeter, and cooperation with you.

The third is the game business of various companies. Recently, Amazon, TikTok, Snap Chat, Netflix, etc., which have been in earnest in the game, is representative of the entertainment, and the enterprises engaged in the entertainment and the ‘attention economy’ gradually showed a sense of being in the game, and it is noteworthy to compete.

The fourth is the app ecosystem change. Legal litigation workshop between Apple and Epic Games is revealing the app economic democratization movement, and Apple and Google also look at it. On the PC, the NFT is surrounded by the NFT, and the opposite of Steam, Epic Games is showing a variety of movements, such as revealing the approval will.

The fifth is a metabus growth. Metabus is the most commonly referred to in 2021 and is also a news-based theme. Facebook also came to a substitute, such as changing the mission to the meta. There are many opinions for the concrete concept of the metabus, but this year, this year, this year, the game and metaverse will be more closely integrated, and the startup that provides the necessary infrastructure, and the more you can apply to encryption and NFT development and metabus Many new ways are predicted to make investments.